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Typographic Word Clock

Typographic Word Clock

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Typographic Word Clock 截图

Typographic Word Clock Typographic Word Clock Typographic Word Clock Typographic Word Clock Typographic Word Clock Typographic Word Clock

Typographic Word Clock 描述

In a world full of colors! what color are you?

With the world full of different colors everyone has a favourite color; a color within. Bring out the color in you, onto your home screen. Place Typographic Word Clock widget with your favourite color on your home screen. It is an android widget that displays the current time in word format with vibrant colors which can be chosen as background. It is a 4x1 size widget (which gets displayed in One Row and Four columns). Full version and Ad Free for limited time, so grab your copy right now!

It displays time the way it is meant to be, the way we learned it when we were kids, the way time should be told in real world English. Unlike other word clocks available in market, it displays the time and updates it every minute and not just in interval of fifteen minutes. Its efficient, its fast and it takes nearly negligible system resources. It is not cluttered with ambiguous features and unnecessary options, its user friendly, kids favourite and clean.

This is the third version of typographic word clock and we kept it really simple. We focused on what is required and removed all the extra options. It is not too feature heavy right now but new features will be added on gradually.

Typographic Word Clock v2.1

• Displays current time in word format

• Updates every minute (separate logic and doesn’t take system resources, doesn’t start any service in the background to reduce battery)

• Small Size (around 61 KB only)

• Configuration Options including:

Enable and Disable background

Select background color

Select Font color

Select Font Shadow

Select Font Style

Select Font Case

Select Font Size

• Help file in app itself

Our Road map for Typographic Word Clock (future versions)

• Tons of configuration options

Including some really cool new options, which you have not seen in any other similar widgets.

• Any User requested features

Permissions Required:

BOOT COMPLETED PERMISSION is required to start the clock after reboot of mobile.

Note: While writing comments please be fair and rate it for genuine reasons without comparing it with other widget apps in market.

Keywords: text, time, word, color, speak, tap, style, home screen, widget

Typographic Word Clock 更新内容


- Added Speak on Tap functionality (Widget speaks the current time on tap)

- Create your own Background and Font Color with alpha option (Choose from a range of vibrant colors)

- Added Enable/Disable Tap (Option to disable tap functionality)

- Added Multiple Font Case

- Fixed clock get stuck after reboot issue

- Improved performance

Typographic Word Clock 历史版本

Typographic Word Clock 信息

休闲益智 休闲
Android 2.2.x 以上

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