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AT&T Protect Plus AT&T Protect Plus AT&T Protect Plus AT&T Protect Plus

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Getting help has never been easier - The
AT&T Protect Plus app provides one-click access to your US-based ProTech team of experts who can help you handle your tech issues right from your Protect Plus app: we can show you how to do it - or just do it for you!
It’s Worry-Free
•View a personalized Device Dashboard that provides instant access to key diagnostics such as back-up information, device location and device protection levels
• With 50GB of cloud storage it’s easy to backup photos, videos and contacts.
• Connect to a live U.S. - based ProTech expert directly from your device through the click to call feature.
• Personalized web portal that will help you get the most out of your device.
One Call Solves it All
• Quick transfer of your music and photos to your new device
• Connect your smartphone to your car, wireless printer and music system
• Extend your battery life by deleting apps or making simple changes to your settings
Who’s Eligible?
The AT&T Protect Plus app is available to all
AT&T Mobile Protection Pack and
Multi-Device Protection Pack customers.
Important Notes
For any issues email us at asurionmobile@mailmw.custhelp.com or call AT&T ProTech (if you are
AT&T Mobile Protection Pack or
Multi-Device Protection Pack customer) at 1-888-562-8662
Requires compatible phone or tablet with AT&T wireless service. Technical limits may prevent certain features from working on all devices. App functionality requires device to be powered on, connected to the internet and in AT&T domestic wireless coverage. Accuracy, availability, and timeliness are not guaranteed. Data charges apply for app download. Free version of app with limited features also available for iOS/Android. Protect Plus app provided by Asurion Mobile Applications, Inc.
Copyright © 2015 Asurion, LLC
获取帮助从未如此简单 - 在
AT&T保护加应用程序提供了一键式访问专家谁可以帮助你从你的保护另外的应用程序处理您的技术问题,你在美国的的ProTech团队:我们可以告诉你如何做到这一点 - 或者只是为你做!
&公牛;从您的设备通过点击基础的ProTech专家直接调用功能 - 连接到现场美元。
AT&T的保护加上应用程序适用于所有的 AT&T移动保护包和多设备保护包的客户。
对于任何问题,发送电子邮件至asurionmobile@mailmw.custhelp.com或致电AT&T的ProTech(如果你是 AT&T移动保护包或多设备保护包的客户),在1- 888-562-8662
需要兼容的手机或平板电脑与AT&T的无线服务。技术限制可能会阻止某些功能无法正常工作在所有设备上。应用程序的功能要求的设备上被供电,连接到互联网,和在AT&T的国内无线覆盖。精度,可用性和及时性得不到保障。数据收费的应用程序下载。免费版本也可用于iOS的/ Android的功能有限的应用程序的。通过保护手机Asurion应用,公司提供的应用程序加
版权所有© 2015 Asurion,LLC

AT&T Protect Plus 更新内容

In Version 3.18:
- Sync, connection, and bug fixes
Please email us at asurionmobile@mailmw.custhelp.com or call AT&T Enhanced Support (if you are an AT&T Mobile Protection Pack customer) at 1-888-562-8662 if you are having any issues.
Alternatively, visit the following link to see a list of Frequently Asked Questions:


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2.4 (55868)
Android 1.5 以上
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