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BabeRater Trial Version

BabeRater Trial Version

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BabeRater Trial Version BabeRater Trial Version BabeRater Trial Version

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Rate Babes On Uglyness Using Facial Recognition! Uses Proprietary Algorithms!

BabeRater is based on the Marquardt Beauty Mask which has received critical
acclaim. The proprietary computer vision algorithm in BabeRater knows some facial features
of the Beauty Mask and compares those to the features in
the Babe's face. It then calculates the differences in percentage
to obtain a score indicating the hottness of the face.
A specific feature includes the ability to
callibrate the BabeRater to other faces, for
example Helena Bonham Carter's (mmm...), and show you
how much a chick's face deviates from that!
Android OS includes standard Face Detection. However, it
can only detects the position of the eyes! So a custom
computer vision algorithm was needed to find
the positions of the eyes, nose, mouth, temples, cheekbones & forehead in order
to have a vast facial-feature set to work with.

- Based on Scientific Beauty Principles
- Proprietary Face Detection & Recognition
- Detect & Rate up to 3 faces at once!
- Plays hillarious audio commentary according to scores!
- Set any face as reference!

String of random words to improve findability; Babe with chick attached to hotness organ, angry birds stealing mature lady's dentures, cut the safety rope on a chinese acrobat stunting between hot air balloons that remind you of breasts,
Dishwasher, wallpaper, wallpaper glue, surgical implants, cup of coffee, cheese, file cabinet, call of duty (tm) disc lying next to a stripper pole, plastic cup filled with ashes from a dead dog killed by Satan, Tupac Shakur's hidingplace, fabric softener, words sepparated by a comma, iPhone (tm) apps make more money cos android users r cheap, dentures from an aged hollywood actress, keyboard with mssing letters

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Android 1.5.0 以上
MTS Freestyle

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