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PocketSat3 Demo

PocketSat3 Demo

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PocketSat3 Demo PocketSat3 Demo PocketSat3 Demo PocketSat3 Demo PocketSat3 Demo PocketSat3 Demo

PocketSat3 Demo 描述

This is a demo version of PocketSat3. It has all the features of the paid version, but it does not save any data or preferences from one session to the next.
Have you ever looked up just after sunset or before sunrise and watched a steady light moving slowly across the night sky? It may well have been a man-made satellite, many of which are visible to the naked eye - if you know when and where to look.
PocketSat3 is a full-featured satellite tracking application for Android devices, and is designed to be usable by both experienced satellite trackers as well as novices who are just interested in knowing when they can look up in the sky and see satellites. It is the 3rd major revision in the PocketSat series from BigFatTail, which has set the standard for handheld satellite tracking since 1999.
PocketSat3 can display real-time plots of multiple satellites on both Earth maps and Sky charts. It also includes tools to predict when satellites will pass overhead and potentially be visible.
NOTE: PocketSat3 is a large and complex application. For more information you should visit:
and have a look at a more detailed description, read the full documentation, and perhaps visit the PocketSat user forum to ask any questions you might have.
Features of PocketSat3 include:
- Configurable to compute satellite visibility from any location on Earth. Can query the device for your current location.
- Orbital data can be downloaded directly from the Internet, even if it is in a zip file.
- Track and plot real-time positions of up to 1000 satellites simultaneously.
- Map view shows satellite position and orbit track on an Earth map.
- Sky view shows satellite position and path in the sky, as well as current brightness. The Sun, Moon, stars and constellations can also be plotted.
- Flexible application clock can be set to any date and time as well as clock rate, allowing "what happens when…" experiments. You can make time stand still or even go backwards if you wish. A single button press restores the clock to current system time.
- "Pass" mode allows pre-calculation of satellites that will pass over a particular location during a given time span, including filters for minimum altitude, brightness and whether or not a satellite is lit by the Sun and thus potentially visible.
- System alarms can be set to remind you when a pre-calculated pass is about to occur, even if PocketSat3 is not currently active.
- Does not require an Internet connection to operate, though you will periodically need one in order to download orbital data.
- Predicts Iridium flare events. Not just the really bright ones: ALL of them.
- Uses full "revised" SGP4 and SDP4 orbit propagation algorithms, allowing accurate tracking of any satellite.
你有没有抬头看日落之后或日出前,看着一个稳定的灯光慢慢移动划过夜空?它很可能是一个人造的卫星,其中很多是可见的肉眼 - 如果你知道什么时候,在哪里看。
- 可配置的,从地球上任何地点计算卫星的可见性。可以查询设备的当前位置。
- 轨道数据可以直接从网上下载,即使它是一个zip文件。
- 跟踪和高达1000颗卫星同时情节的实时位置。
- 地图视图显示在一个地球地图卫星位置和轨道的轨道。
- 天空视图显示卫星位置和路径在天空中,以及当前的亮度。太阳,月亮,星星和星座也可以被绘制。
- 灵活应用的时钟可以设置为任何日期和时间,以及时钟速率,允许“发生了什么的时候......”实验。你可以让时间停滞不前甚至倒退,如果你想。只需按下一个按钮恢复时钟为当前系统时间。
- “通过”模式允许预先计算的卫星,将通过在一个特定的位置在给定的时间跨度,包括过滤器最小高度,亮度和太阳卫星是否点亮,从而有可能可见。
- 系统报警可以设置提醒您,当一个预先计算的通即将发生,即使PocketSat3当前不处于活动状态。
- 不需要互联网连接来操作,虽然你会定期检讨,以下载轨道数据需要一个。
- 预测铱耀斑事件。不只是真明丽的:所有这些。
- 使用完整的“修订”SGP4和SDP4轨道传播算法,允许任何卫星的精确跟踪。

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Android 2.2.x 以上

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