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DescriptionIntroducing the Buzztime Mobile Playmaker, an App that allows you to play along with Buzztime’s Trivia, Sports and Card games from your Android device at any of our 3,900+ locations in North America. The Buzztime Mobile Playmaker offers fans an alternative to our traditional game console (aka the Playmaker) and offers added features such as a Buzztime location finder, making sure you always know where the action is, no matter where you are! Download our FREE Mobile Playmaker App now!Buzztime Mobile Playmaker version 1.0------------------------------Play along with fellow Trivia and Cards junkies in any North American Buzztime location. Register, LogIn, Play! It's that simple. Put Buzztime in your pocket!Features:Play along with fellow Trivia, Sports and Card junkies in any North American Buzztime location. Log in, select your location, choose a game, and play! It's that simple. Put Buzztime in your pocket!Features:• Connect to Buzztime: Register or log in with your existing Buzztime Username and Password.• Find Buzztime locations near you: The Buzztime Mobile Playmaker uses your GPS location to provide you a list of the nearest Buzztime locations. Simply select the location that you’re in, or check out other locations in the neighborhood!• Play Buzztime: Select from the Buzztime games airing at the location you’re in, and play along with the rest of the Buzztime community, locally and nationally!Important Notes:------------**The GPS Location Services are a necessary component of our application that must be present at all times and this app will not work on devices without GPS or where the GPS has been turned off***The Buzztime Mobile Playmaker App is designed to be used in conjunction with the TV’s at your favorite Buzztime location as an alternative to our traditional Playmaker boxes.Game play begins at 11 a.m. local time. You may not be able to log in to your location, or may get an error message stating that no games are available, if you try to connect prior to 11 a.m.If, for any reason, you cannot connect after a few tries, please restart the App. Reconnecting will help ensure a good connection. Buzztime is not responsible for connections. Connection issues can be affected for many reasons, including the device you utilize, the type of building you are in, your proximity to a cell tower, and more.The first version of the Mobile Playmaker does not support the following games: Pro Pick’ Em, QB1, Sports IQ or Race Day.近期的更改:-Support for Buzztime premium football games: The Season and QB1-Smaller file size-Several bug fixes内容评级:心智成熟度-低

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Android 2.3.2 以上
Buzztime, Inc

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