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Call Trunk elevates the phone conversation to the same level as email.

Recorded conversations!

•Record your calls,
•Save them securely online
•Sync with Evernote, Dropbox or Box or others

Calltrunk is a totally new approach to call recording. Here’s why:

1.Calltrunk is based on the individuals not the DEVICE. This means that one account enables call recording across all your phones and also Skype.

2.When you sign up you create an account that you can access through your regular web browser or your Android. No matter whether you make recordings on your landline, Skype or Android they all get securely stored in a single online account.

3.This means recordings are not tied to your Android and it’s easy to download recordings, make notes, order transcriptions and sync recordings with other services such as Evernote, Dropbox, SugarCRM or Box.

4.Calltrunk is FREE TO TRY. When you sign up to Calltrunk for the first time we offer you 90 minutes of call recording for free. That’s 30 minutes on your mobile or landline and 60 minutes of Skype recording.

5.No need to provide a credit card to sign up. Your secure account will be set up with just an email address and a password.

6.AFTER THE FREE TRIAL, if you decide you want to carry on using Calltrunk we offer monthly plans and a pay as you go model.

7.The monthly plans start at $4.99 per month and go all the way up to an unlimited plan at $49.99 which allows you to record unlimited calls on your landline, your mobile and Skype.

8.Pay as you go is 8c per minute.


“SEARCHABALE CONVERSATIONS” brings call recording to a new level. ARGOsearch is currently included in regular service charges to use on all mobile, landline and Skype recordings made by our customers in the UK, US and Australia.

ARGOsearch is currently only available via the web application at www.calltrunk.com. We are planning to add this functionality to the Android app very soon. Watch this space!!!


•Dial any number to make a recorded phone call.*
•Access all your recordings – even recordings you made from other phones or Skype.
•ARGOsearch your phone calls for the words spoken.**
•On Demand button lets you use your Android as a Dictaphone. Or record inbound calls. Just request a call-back via the On Demand button in the keypad and then merge the calls to record!
•App is integrated with your device contacts book.

* Emergency calls NOT supported
** Only available by logging into www.calltrunk.com

Call Trunk US 更新内容


Added Trunk Tab to show your calls, listen and update with notes.

Send recordings to external storage, Evernote, Box & Dropbox.

Order a transcription

New On Demand feature - call-back feature to record inbound calls. Just merge the call-back into the current inbound call. (requires 3-way calling and call waiting - please talk to your network provider about enabling these features)

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Android 2.2.x 以上

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