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Jelly Bean StatusBar

Jelly Bean StatusBar

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Jelly Bean StatusBar Jelly Bean StatusBar Jelly Bean StatusBar Jelly Bean StatusBar Jelly Bean StatusBar Jelly Bean StatusBar Jelly Bean StatusBar Jelly Bean StatusBar

Jelly Bean StatusBar 描述

Get the new Jelly Bean StatusBar on any Android device without waiting for an official 4.2 update!
Jelly Bean StatusBar does not require root access or any special changes so it will work on all Android devices. It basically overlays the stock device status bar providing you with a custom, fully functional status bar of your choice!
But what about your notifications? Don't worry, we have made all incoming notifications appear on the status bar as well so you will still be able to see your notifications!
In order for Jelly Bean StatusBar to handle all third party notifications, you must give it permission through the Accessibility Manager. This must manually be done through the settings. Go to Settings > Accessibility >Jelly Bean StatusBar > ON, or contact us for quick support.
What if you don't want to keep receiving notifications from certain applications? Well, Jelly Bean StatusBar also has a built in ignore list so you can exclude any application's notifications from occurring!
What are the main features of Jelly Bean StatusBar?
★ Clones the official status bar from Android 4.2
★ Allows support for third party notifications
★ Auto-detection for hidden status bar or screen orientation
★ Task killer safe! Will auto-reboot when killed
★ Smooth gestures for default pull down
★ Settings to choose what content you want to display
★ Exclusion list for unwanted application notifications
★ Notification Counter for repeating notifications
★ 0% battery drain (based on normal device use)
★ Low ram foot print of under 24mb
★ And so much more!

Custom ROM and MIUI Users
Jelly Bean StatusBar cannot support all of the ROM's available for Android, especially MIUI. Please be respectful of this application and know that this status bar may not work 100% on your ROM. If you find any problems with Jelly Bean Statusbar, please contact us and we will do our best to fix it!
Need help? Contact us!
Please remember to contact us if you have any questions or comments!!!! We cannot reply to comments on the market. There will be bugs on some devices as developers have to support many different Android devices and screen densities. Please do not post bad comments and ratings about a problem. We will be happy to work you through any issue you may have. Thank you!
Other Information & permissions
Why so many permissions needed!?!? Well, Jelly Bean StatusBar is a different kind of application. It is designed to constantly run and overlay your stock status bar. It has to receive third party notifications and access information about your device. Without this information, the statbar would not run correctly. Please accept these permissions as we are using each one properly and for a specific use!
Avast reporting as malware!?! No, its not malware. It is the AdNetwork SDK. Avast and some other scanners will mark as a potential risk because of the required permissions. Don't be fooled, use Lookout security. Contact us for more info.
This app will provide a few useful shortcuts on your device in the form of a search bookmark link and home screen icon. This gives us a few cents each time the app is downloaded for the first time and will help us out a lot in developing more apps. If you do not want to use these new tools, you can simply ignore or delete them by dragging the icon to the trashcan and no harm is done (our app remains the same, no need to uninstall it). Thank you!
Please contact us for more information or help!
Android is a registered trademark of Google, Inc.

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Removed icon and push ads

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摄影图像 美化
Android 2.1.0 以上

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