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JAMT White - CM7 Theme下载

JAMT White - CM7 Theme

JAMT White - CM7 Theme

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JAMT White - CM7 Theme 截图

JAMT White - CM7 Theme JAMT White - CM7 Theme JAMT White - CM7 Theme JAMT White - CM7 Theme

JAMT White - CM7 Theme 描述

Just Another Minimal Theme

White Gradient

This is a minimal white mod of the statusbar and notification drawer. It is based on my initial JAMT theme with icons updated for a more unified look. This free version provides modifications only to the statusbar so other applications can still customised as the user wants.

For skinned widgets or battery percentage, there are paid versions available.

It features;
*MDPI and HDPI support
*Smooth sync animations
*Smooth battery animations
*100%% Original icons
*White statusbar
*New Spinners
*White Menu popups

Other apps with status icons themed
*Alarm Clock
*FM Radio
*Media Uploader

If you have any suggestions of other apps which you would like a status icon of send me a tweet!

The lock screen and some system dialogues cannot be themed in the T-Mobile Theme Engine, therefore they will remain unchanged.


Download the theme, go to the theme chooser app. Select "JAMT-White Gradient-Free" & apply. Reboot your phone.

Enjoy the your new minimalistic phone!

If you have any questions or issues please contact me through twitter (@_classicalgas) on XDA (classicalgas) or at my blog (themedroid.com).

Special thanks goes to; CyanogenMOD, Haxzamatic, JazzK, Sonny Sekhon, R3D, nhnt11 and all others who have supported my work!

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JAMT White - CM7 Theme 更新内容


Non-vital update.

Revised market filtering so it declares correct compatibility.

JAMT White - CM7 Theme 历史版本

JAMT White - CM7 Theme 使用技巧

JAMT White - CM7 Theme 信息

系统工具 优化
Android 2.3.2 以上

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