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PSNation PSNation

PSNation 描述

Podcasts: PSNation, Playstation Blogcast, InDis GOO & Big Red Barrel Blu.

The brand new PSNation.org app.

You can still get the old one, but please try this version.

Now you can stream or download the podcasts directly on your Android device (operator costs still apply).

Dan Reams let me know of a glitch in the app which some of you may encounter, we found a temp fix:

1- Launched the app.
2- Pressed my phone's 'Menu' button.
3- Selected 'Pick Feeds'.
4- Selected some feeds.
5- Pressed my phone's 'Back' button.
6- Pressed my phone's 'Menu' button.
7- Selected the 'Update feeds' option.
Everything worked. I was able to read the news and listen to a podcast. Nicely done!
Tip for users: If you are only looking to hear the podcast, you might want to go into the settings and disable the News, then refresh the feeds. That will obliterate the news from your view so you can more quickly find the podcasts.
This will be my new favorite app, on my 45 minute bus ride, for some time to come."

Have fun & enjoy the app.

Please note some of the podcasts & videos may contain some explicit language / content.

PSNation 更新内容

此版本中的新功能:Adding PSNation Youtube videos, 3 bug fixes & updated menu icons.

Changed the 'Settings' to 'Pick Feeds' & changed it's icon.

Altered the Guest Podcasts.

Changed the 'About' info to include more contact details for the PSNation team.

Added PSNation's Playstation home videos.. download from app and watch later. Some Android devices do not show the video until the SD card has been remounted.

PSNation 历史版本

PSNation 使用技巧

PSNation 信息

Android 1.6.0 以上



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