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EZ Usenet for Easynews®

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EZ Usenet for Easynews® EZ Usenet for Easynews® EZ Usenet for Easynews® EZ Usenet for Easynews® EZ Usenet for Easynews® EZ Usenet for Easynews®

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With EZ Usenet, Easynews® members can search and download binary content from Usenet newsgroups directly to their phone/tablet.
Membership to easynews.com is required to use this application; if you are not an Easynews member, see what you are missing by visiting our website (http://www.chillaxing.com/easynews/) for a 14 day free trial.
May 2014 - If you are having problems downloading to your SD card please read: http://chillaxing.com/easynews/sdcard
For problems or feature requests, please contact us at support@chillaxing.com. Leaving a 1-star comment isn't going to get something fixed; it's best to send us an e-mail. :-)
The application has the following features:
* Compatible with phones and tablets running Android 2.2 - 4.4
* Search binary content by keyword
* Easily filtered by Image, Audio, Video, Document, etc
* Advanced filtering,and ranges(Date, Size, Filename, Newsgroup, Media codecs, etc ) and sorting is also available
* Build-in Zip Manager (send downloads to your queue, access your queue from the app, download files from your queue)
* Built-in download manager to download files in the background to your SD card
* Works with Wifi and 3G/4G connection
* Ability to save searches and reuse them as a search template
* Integration with iMDB, Shazam, and Soundhound Android apps (use Share function)
* Download NZB file - integrates well with other NZB Android apps such as SABControl and NZB360.
* Multiple select of search results for easy zip manager/nzb creation
* Listen to preview of audio search results
* Stream content with 3rd party media players such as MX Video Player and MoboPlayer
* Compatible with 3rd party download managers
This basic version of EZ Usenet allows browsing all content (including thumbnails) and downloading content posted in the last 14 days. Unlocked version available in the market with no restrictions!
2014年5月 - 如果您在下载到你的SD卡的问题,请阅读:http://chillaxing.com/easynews/sdcard
如有问题或功能要求,请与我们联系support@chillaxing.com。留下一星级评论是不会得到的东西固定;这是最好的给我们发送电子邮件。 :-)
    *兼容手机和平板电脑运行Android 2.2 - 4.4
    *与IMDB,Shazam的,和Soundhound Android应用程序集成(使用分享功能)
    *下载NZB文件 - 集成以及与其他NZB下载的Andr​​oid应用程序,如SABControl和NZB360。
    *多个搜索结果,方便Zip管理器/ NZB创建选择

EZ Usenet for Easynews® 更新内容

-New integrated Zip Manager-Improved usability of multi-select (long-press to start)-Better video thumbnail handling on HD devices-App uses new Easynews thumbnail servers-Share URL prompts to send credentials-Fixed NZB creation-Play video feature always uses HTTP-Sharing from Soundhound, Shazam, iMDB all work correctly now-Small bug fixes

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EZ Usenet for Easynews® 信息

Android 2.2.x 以上

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