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Location Settings-Trial

Location Settings-Trial

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Location Settings-Trial Location Settings-Trial

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Location Settings lets you change settings of your phone in specific locations!

Now you have all the control that you need over your cell phone settings!

v3.0 significantly reduces teh amount of battery used when the GPS is active!

Never be embarrassed in a meeting, lunch, or get together by your cell phone ringing. Location Settings allows you to change your change your phone settings so you are never embarrassed again.

If you have ANY ISSUES please contact us at help@chosensoftware.mobi, we want to fix these issues.

Location Settings also allows you to save your battery by only turning on expensive features like WiFi and Bluetooth antennas when you need them.

Much cheaper than Locale!

Location Settings will automatically change your ringer and notification volume, WiFi and Bluetooth antennas, ringtone, screen brightness, and airplane mode when you reach a location, or locale, and changes them back when you leave. You can also specify days and times that you want your settings to take affect!

Use GPS for better accuracy.

Try our Time Settings application if you only want to control settings by time.

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v3.1 - Added Backup and restore functionality to allow locations and settings to be archived and copied from trial version to purchased version.

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Android 1.6.0 以上
Chosen Software

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