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Clingle Clingle Clingle Clingle Clingle

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WORKS BEST FOR USA, UK, INDIA AND SINGAPORE. Coming soon across the globe! Join Clingle and discover an amazing new way to share your life's moments with friends and family. Clingle lets you - Check-in with style by adding a live video of the moment, discover thousands of popular places, deals and discounts in your locality or engage your friends by leaving surprise messages (with video, audio or photos) at various places in your city! Connecting with friends was never this fun and exploring your world was never this exciting!
Introducing VIDEO CHECK-INS, because seeing is believing!
Say good bye to boring location broadcasts and now record and share your check-in moments as a video! Make your friends aware of where you are and what you're up to by shooting and sharing live videos of the place you visit! It's the best way to check-in ever!
Leave surprise messages and make your friends unlock it when they visit a particular place, or start private group conversions about the trip you are planning with friends or share the song that comes to your mind when you visit that special place! Clings are the personal messages which add location to your conversation in any way you wish! Leaving a cling is super fun, unlocking one is even better!!
Now add video clips to Clings! Wave a hello to the world!
Capturing memories are great but letting them roll on your screen is even greater. Your surprise messages just got better with video in them. Shoot, share and enjoy with our all new video Clings.
The best way to find what's around you! Explore with Clingle!
With millions of places added right out of the box, Clingle lets you explore for popular places, deals and discounts in your neighborhood! Searching for the perfect lunch spot or the coffee shop with a special offer? Need directions to the movie hall or want to find a better place to hang-out? Clingle has suggestions for everything that you would want to do in the city.
Clingle store - Redeem your points and badges for real life goodies!
Earn points and special badges and start redeeming them on the Clingle store for exciting real life goodies FOR FREE! Clingle store will soon be live for India and US. Jump in and start collecting as much points and badges as you can, because you never know what's in 'store' for you!!

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-ImageViewer Enhanced
-Connection Issue Fixed
-Crash Issues Fixed

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Android 2.1.x 以上
Google Play



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