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Learn Chinese & Travel

Learn Chinese & Travel

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Learn Chinese & Travel Learn Chinese & Travel Learn Chinese & Travel Learn Chinese & Travel Learn Chinese & Travel Learn Chinese & Travel Learn Chinese & Travel Learn Chinese & Travel

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Best App for learning Chinese and travel China, Taiwai, Singapore, Hongkong! Speaking essential Chinese words and phrases with Li, experiencing high quality authentic audio and easy to follow Chinese Character and Pinyin. Learning a language is experiencing a new culture and opening up a new world. Li is thrilled to show you around!
Start from entry level, no previous experience needed. Learn Chinese with Li fits for everyone. Good for learning Chinese as well as travel in China. Talking Mandarin Chinese becomes fun and easy! It is like you hired your own private tutor and made a Chinese native friend.
This demo version contains a limited set of words and phrases. To get the complete set with hundreds of more awesome Chinese words and phrases, update to Learn Chinese with Li (Pro) which offers essential Chinese conversational skills, including greetings and introductions, questions and answers, dinning out, travel and shopping, talking about your interests and hobbies, telling time, counting numbers and much more.
-Chinese Character, Pinyin and English translation in nice large fonts. Clear and easy to follow.
-High quality clear audio from Li, a native Chinese speaker, the App designer and coder.
-Touch screen to listen to audio and see translation.
-Character by character translation.
-Audio flashcard format.
-No internet connection needed
-Daily pop up reminder can be turned on in settings.
Category covered in free version:
-General Conversation
-Eat & Drink
-Travel & Directions
Pro version covers the following categories in addition and more phrases in the free categories:
-Love & Relationship
-Time & Day
-Animal & Pets
-General essential words
-Animals and pets
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