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Pocket Empires Guide

Pocket Empires Guide

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A unofficial handbook to go along

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Pocket Empires Guide Pocket Empires Guide Pocket Empires Guide Pocket Empires Guide

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A unofficial handbook to go along with the popular Android mmo "Pocket Empires" (not in any way affiliated with the makers of PE).***This app does include accurate information from the 02/2012 PE upgrade, particularly re: innumerable monsters and the new technologies***With the gap growing between players who are just getting started and those who've been on board since the beginning, this guide is intended to help the studious new recruits have access to the game information they need to jump ahead. The guide also includes the option to read and post responses to any of the topics covered.***So far this guide contains information on all of the monsters and human units, their stats and what those mean, what they're used for and how and why to conquer each one, a glossary of useful terms, as well as a quick start tutorial. If people are interested, I will expand the app to include market tactics, stronghold conquering, managing alliances, PvP strategies, and anything else people want to see.***

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Android 2.1.0 以上

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