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sleeping with hexomia

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sleeping with hexomia sleeping with hexomia

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불면 불안 걱정 집중 집중력

스트레스 욕심 화 분노 명상


음악에서 나오는 에너지가 잠을 잘 자게 해줍니다.
슬픔과 우울함을 녹여줍니다.
기분을 상쾌하게 해주고 집중력을 높여줍니다. 이리 뒤척, 저리 뒤척 잠이 잘 오지 않을 때나 마음이 복잡할 때 상황에 맞는 음악을 들어보세요.
눈이 피곤하거나 머리가 아플 때 맑은 에너지가 나오는 에너지포토(Energy Photo)를 바라보세요.
※ sleeping with hexomia에 담겨 있는 맑고 밝은 헥소미아 에너지는 한국 최대의 비영리 에너지 솔루션 연구기관인 사단법인 헥소미아심신건강연구소에서 제공하고 있습니다.

Sleeping with Hexomia: Relaxing music for contemplation, reading, and sleep

Along with the melody, energy being smeared with and emitting from it allows you to sleep well.
It removes sadness and depression.
It refreshes yourself and leads you to more concentrated learning.
Please listen to the appropriate music when tossing and turning in bed and being unable to get to sleep well, or, when feeling restless.
Please look at the Energy Photo emitting clean and pure energy to soothe your weary eyes, or,your headache.

Music to help you sleep
Please listen to this music for a sound sleep when tossing and turning in bed and being unable to get to sleep.
Along with the music, energy emitting from its melody calms down your tangled emotions, sooths discomfortand helps you get to sleep comfortably.
You may go to bed while turning on the music since there is the timer to be set.
Please utilize it as baby, or, children sleep aids.

Music easing your sadness
Through the function of energy within it, this music takes away all your sadness and depression deep inside of your mind.
You may shed tears unknowingly while listening to the music.
Happiness and calmness will visit you after getting through sadness, won’t they?

Music refreshing you
Please listen to this musicwhen you want to feel refreshed after rain,or, to feel much freer after getting through hard and difficult things.
You may regain your self confidence and can deal with anything and everything.

Music leading you to more concentrated learning
This music changes your mind and body intothe ideal study condition.
Along with this repeating yet never boring music, resounding energy of high vibration naturally improves your concentrationand manages your condition ideal for the study.

Music to relax
Feeling relaxed is the most important thing.
If you are uneasy in your mind, why don’t you try to listen to your mind?
How about playing the music containing pure energy to your mind?
For yourself….

Energy Photo
What are you going to do when your eyes are tired because of heavy Internet surfing and Smartphone using?
What if there are photos which make your eyes and brain refreshed just by looking at them?
You may feel your eyes and brain refreshed if you look at the energy photo for more than five minutes.

※The Hexomia energy contained in the sleeping with Hexomia, which is pure and bright, and of high density has been provided by the Hexomia Institute of Mind and Body Healthin Korea.

sleeping with hexomia 更新内容


1. mp3 재생부분을 서비스로 변경하여 홈버튼을 눌러도 재생이 되도록 수정

2. 알림센터에 아이콘을 등록하여 홈에서 바로 헥소미아 앱으로 진입할 수 있도록 수정

3. 플레이리스트에서 곡 선택시 바로 재생되도록 수정

4. 전화가 왔을때 또는 전화를 걸때 mp3가 일시정지되고 통화가 끝나면 이어서 재생이 되도록 수정

5. 일시정지 버튼을 눌렀을때 정지가 아니라 일시정지가 되도록 수정

6. 전역화 설정을 추가하여 하나의 앱에서 한글/영어에 대응할 수 있도록 수정

7. 스플래쉬 화면의 동작 수정

- 스플래쉬가 띄워졌다 뒤로돌아오면서 메인화면이 보이던것을 스플래쉬 다음에 메인화면이보이도록 수정

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