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The Dirty Insult Generator

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The Dirty Insult Generator The Dirty Insult Generator The Dirty Insult Generator The Dirty Insult Generator

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The DIG (Dirty Insult Generator)
Hit 'The DIG' button and generate 3 levels of insult - hear them spoken in 3 different voice types or send them to one of your contacts via email or SMS. Save your favourite insults for future use.
If you want a version with no ads (or would like to support the app and developer) then please consider buying the No Ads version
Click the link below for the Android market place page
Note: A Text to Speech engine has to be installed if you want to hear the insults.
Clean - Insults for people with a more discerning nature (profanity free)
Dirty - Short sharp insult
D.C. Mode - random abuse!
You can change the voice type via the Menu button.
This app is just for a bit of fun, contains profane language so isn't for people who are easily offended.
The permissions required are used for :-
Read Contacts (Used to get the mobile number/email address of the person to send the insult to)
Internet and Network State are used for ads only
If you have a problem with the app, get in touch and let me know (cjpandroid@gmail.com or on the D.I.G facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Dirty-Insult-Generator/186065068135666) so I can fix it. I am happy to have requests for new features sent to me.
One of the bad reviews (Donnie) was due to the phone not having a Text to Speech Engine installed which then prompted for one to be installed from the Marketplace. As a result of this, I will now just disable the 'Say Insult' functionality if no Text to Speech engine exists on the phone to avoid the confusion.
Thanks to LordsOfDogTown, WeinerHotDogs & DutchAaron for their input
Change List
1.0 Initial Release
Added Send via Email option - Allows you to send an insult via email. If the contact has more than 1 email set up then you can choose which one to use
Removed the intent to try and install a Text To Speech engine if one doesn't exist on the phone
Added a lot more insults!
Added different voice types
Added a lot more insults!
Added the ability to save your favourite Insults
Added a lot more insults!
Increased the size of the buttons
Added a lot more insults!
Added 4 new voice types
Tags: Dirty, Insult, Profanity, Swear, Rude

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Renamed 'Lame' mode 'Clean' mode
Added new insults

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Android 2.1.x 以上
Google Play

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