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DC Comics DC Comics DC Comics DC Comics DC Comics DC Comics DC Comics DC Comics DC Comics DC Comics

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DC Comics is the biggest and best North American comics publisher, featuring a wide variety of characters and genres. Renowned for the World's Greatest Super Heroes - Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash and many many more - DC has thrilled readers with fantastic tales from the DC UNIVERSE in dozens of languages around the world for decades.
Publishing more than 80 comic format titles monthly and over 1,000 comic books and graphic novels annually, DC also presents different flavors of graphic storytelling through its diverse imprints.
With the official DC COMICS app, you can download and enjoy great comic books from our current weekly offerings plus our vast, legendary classics library. Powered by ComiXology, this app enables you to take advantage of the unique Guided View reading experience or enjoy the pristine, classic full page view. What's more, you'll be able to conveniently manage and read your entire collection anytime, whether you're at your desk computer, laptop or on the move. Experience the amazing world of DC Comics wherever you are!
Please read DC's Privacy Policy http://www.dccomics.com/privacy-policy
DC漫画是最大和最好的北美漫画发行商,拥有各种各样的人物和流派。著名的世界​​上最伟大的超级英雄 - 超人,蝙蝠侠,神奇女侠,绿灯侠,闪电侠,很多很多 - DC兴奋读者在数十种语言,在世界各地,几十年来从DC宇宙的美妙故事。
随着DC COMICS应用程序,你可以下载并享受伟大的漫画书,从我们目前的每周产品,加上我国幅员辽阔,传奇经典库。这个应用程序提供的ComiXology,使您可以充分利用独特的导视图的阅读体验或享受原始的,经典的全页视图。更重要的是,你将能够随时方便地管理和阅读您的整个集合,无论你是在您的台式电脑,笔记本电脑或移动的。体验惊人的DC漫画世界,无论你在哪里!

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