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The Patriots UK Lite

The Patriots UK Lite

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The Patriots UK Lite The Patriots UK Lite The Patriots UK Lite

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Storm the United States Capitol and take back what is rightfully yours! It’s been 12 years since the war of 1812 and the wounds are still freshly stinging with defeat. You have assembled an unstoppable force of Redcoats, Royal Scottish Guard and Green Dragoons who all are seeking revenge for their ancestor’s losses. They will stop at nothing to take control of the United States Capitol and have it returned to its rightful owner.
Strategically direct your troops to take over each building in your pursuit of the United States Capitol. Take control of a building and you can launch your troops from them. Each building acquired brings you one step closer to taking back what is rightfully yours. Use the upgrades to assist you in your pursuit of conquering the
United States Capitol.
Upgrades to help you achieve victory (paid version allows access to all levels and upgrades):
• Armor - Increase troop health.
• Conditioning - Increase troop speed.
• Ballistics - Increase troop damage.
• Bunker 1 - Train Scottish Guard.
• Bunker 2 - Train British Dragoons.
• Lieutenants - Attack with more units at once.
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Android 2.2.x 以上

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