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Makan di Mana Makan di Mana Makan di Mana Makan di Mana Makan di Mana Makan di Mana

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'Makan di Mana' will help you to find the nearest restaurant from your location. This application was issued by the culinary site number 1 in Indonesia, www.detikFood.com.
- Plenty culinary database all over Indonesia.
- Fresh design with Simple user interface.
- Nearby restaurant : Get recommended places to eat based on the location nearest you.
- Hari Ini : Get daily restaurant reference for every day
- Promo : Get nearby promo information and promo from credit card issuer
- Search: With a search by area or category, find the best places to eat there, and view the menus and ongoing promo.
- Daily recommendation: Get daily recommendation from www.detikFood.com.
- Share: Share the information to your friends, with Twitter, Facebook or eMail.
- makan di sini : Check in on your restaurant spot, click your dish, and then share to your buddy on social media
- bookmark : save your favorite venue on makan di mana to your bookmark featured
Stay tuned for the update feature and feel free to contact us for any feedback or bug reported.
Learn more: http://www.detikFood.com/
Follow us on twitter: http://twitter.com/detikFood
- 大量的烹饪数据库遍布印尼。
- 新鲜的设计,简单的用户界面。
- 临近餐厅:获取推荐吃饭的地方根据离您最近的位置。
- 哈燕丽:获取每天的日常餐厅参考
- 促销:如何从信用卡发卡行附近的宣传资料和促销
- 搜索:用按区域或类别进行搜索,发现在那里吃的最好的地方,并查看菜单和持续的宣传。
- 每日推荐:获取每日推荐的www.detikFood.com。
- 分享:分享信息给你的朋友,与Twitter,Facebook或电子邮件。
- 塔克拉玛干二四逆:检查你的餐厅位置,点击你的菜,然后分享给你的好友在社会化媒体
- 书签:你最喜欢的场地上塔克拉玛干二点法力值保存到您的书签功能

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bug fixed

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Android 2.3 以上
Google Play

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