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3DS Buddy 3DS Buddy 3DS Buddy

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Keep your 3DS cards safe Why carry your Nintendo 3DS AR cards around when you already have your phone with you? 3DS Buddy displays images of AR cards which can be used to play AR games on the 3DS. These are not the original copyright protected images, but are designed for effective recognition by the 3DS cameras. This should go without saying (but I really got complaint emails about this) -- this app is useless if you do not have a 3DS. Slide your finger on the screen to adjust brightness, so it will work in different settings. The phone screen will stay on indefinitely while the app is open. Your results will depend on the type of phone display you have, and the lighting around you. Please send feedback about your results to the email address below. Also send feature suggestions. If you review the app, please include your model of phone, so others know whether to expect the app to work for them. This app has no ads. The system settings permission is for temporarily turning off brightness auto-adjust while the app is open. Not intended for tablets.

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Android 2.0.0 以上

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