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Currently Tech News Currently Tech News Currently Tech News Currently Tech News Currently Tech News Currently Tech News

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It’s THE pop-chart of tech business news.
** PCWorld - News Your Way: 10 News Aggregation Apps for Android Phones**
** TechCrunch - Android App ‘Currently’ Taps Twitter To Track Breaking Tech News **
** AddictiveTips - Minimalistic Technology News Reader For Android **
Do you want to know what the tech news headlines are that everyone is talking about? Currently Tech News sends you notifications for the top ones as they happen!
Currently Tech News scans popular social networks to identify trending technology news from your favourite tech blogs. It updates a chart every 15 minutes, and only sends you a notification when it thinks a headline is hot.
You can also scan the top headline chart, read the articles you're interested in and add to your Read Later list so you can store the headlines you're most interested in.
Currently now comes with a widget, so you can keep the fastest trending headline right on your home screen.
We built this app for people like us; technology professionals who live a fast paced, caffeine-consuming, meeting-to-meeting lifestyle. People who have little time to keep pace with industry news but need to stay in touch.
Currently - Life's a pop-chart; stay on top of it.
* "Breaking News" notifications for hot headlines that move up the charts fast
* Determines the top headlines every 15 minutes based on what everyone is talking about
* Intuitive “pop-chart” interface
* "Past hour" and "Today" charts
* Read Later to store the headlines that interest you the most
* Home screen widget so you can see the top trending headline at a glance
* Links to publisher’s original article (mobile optimised where available)
Follow us on Twitter, http://twitter.com/currentlyapp and be sure to let us know what you think!
*这次调查是PCWorld - 新闻方式:新闻聚合应用程序的Andr​​oid手机**
* TechCrunch的 - Android应用程序“目前水龙头Twitter要跟踪打破科技新闻**
* AddictiveTips - 简约科技新闻阅读器对于Android **
目前 - 生命的弹出式图表,留在它的上面。

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1.6.3 includes a stability fix when opening articles from the widget.
* Also, everyone who would like breaking news notifications should double check settings to make sure they're switched on. We've fixed a recent issue that may have caused them to be turned off. *

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Android 2.2.x 以上
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