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Ring Duration call timer

Ring Duration call timer

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Ring Duration call timer Ring Duration call timer Ring Duration call timer Ring Duration call timer

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Do you ever get missed calls and wonder if they were important or just "hang up calls"?
RingDuration is an Android app that shows you exactly how long your phone was ringing, for incoming and missed calls. This works even with hidden and unknown callers!
For example, some people tend to call you and hang up without giving you a chance to answer, now you can catch them in the act! Or consider an unusually long ring time could mean an urgent call you missed.
Also features a handy taskbar notification to quickly show you the latest calls, right from the notification window.
Tip: tell friends and family they can let you know a call is important by simply ringing longer, because you have RingDuration.
We know you'll enjoy using RingDuration because we use it as part of our own lives every day.
++++ RingDuration supports multiple languages. Want your language featured in the app as well? Contact us to help translate!
Have fun and thank you for choosing RingDuration by Elemris!
* Simple and easy to use - Ready to use right out of the box - No configuration necessary. Actual box sold separately ;)
* Enhanced notification window - View latest missed calls quickly right from the notification window. See our screenshots
* Fun Badges - Who is your Most Determined Caller? Who will get The Speedy Award?
* Minimal resource use - There is no process running in the background, no services to slow down your device - RingDuration is active only briefly during an incoming call, and of course, when you use the main app
* Safe to use - No dangerous or suspicious permissions. RingDuration does not require a rooted phone, nor does it require dialing permissions. Therefore you can rest assured RingDuration will not misbehave.
* Call them back quickly - Optionally, dial back right from the app. Note that this does NOT require dialing permissions; RingDuration will bring up your system dialer and automatically fill in the number, so you can check, confirm, cancel or change the call.
* Highly configurable - Easily tweak RingDuration to work exact the way you want it
* Pro\Donate version - don't like ads? Want to support RingDuration? You can buy RingDuration Pro from inside the app. The purchase immediately removes the ads and banner, giving you more space to view your calls. The personal license is active for life, even if you switch phones or have multiple Android devices, so get it now!
Note: The billing is done securely by Google, not us.
If you have any suggestions, questions or issues, please contact us at: http://elemris.com/contact-us/
We'll do our best to help you. Note that while we appreciate feedback at Google Play, it is technically not possible to provide support through the Play store, so do contact us directly.
Visit us at our website: http://elemris.com for more info, support and more great apps!
+ + + + RingDuration支持多国语言。希望你的语言特色,以及在应用程序吗?联系我们帮忙翻译!
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*简单和容易使用 - 准备使用权开箱 - 没有配置必要的。实际中单独出售;)
*增强的通知窗口 - 最新的未接来电,迅速从通知窗口的权利。请参阅我们的截图
*有趣的徽章 - 谁是你最坚定的来电?谁将会得到迅速的奖?
*最小的资源使用 - 有没有进程在后台运行,没有服务,减慢你的设备 - RingDuration活跃,只有在短暂的来电,当然,当您使用主应用程序
*使用安全 - 无危险或可疑的权限。不要求RingDuration一个根深蒂固的手机,也不是它需要拨号权限。因此,你可以放心保证RingDuration将不会胡作非为。
*打电话给他们迅速恢复 - 可选,回拨从应用程序的权利。请注意,这并不需要拨号权限;会带来RingDuration系统拨号和自动填写的数量,这样你可以检查,确认,取消或更改呼叫。
*高度可配置的 - 轻松调整RingDuration的确切你想要的方式工作
*临\捐赠的版本 - 不喜欢广告?要支持RingDuration?您可以从应用程序内部买RingDuration临。购买立即删除广告和横幅,给你更多的空间来查看您的来电。个人许可证活跃的生活,即使您切换手机或有多个Android设备,所以它现在!

Ring Duration call timer 更新内容

* Fixed double notification bug due to Lollipop changes
* Updated visual design
* You may now scroll through the different tabs
* Fixed Pro license option (please contact us if you have encounter any issues with this)

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Android 2.3 以上
Google Play

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