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Emergency Backpack Emergency Backpack Emergency Backpack Emergency Backpack Emergency Backpack

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Emergency Backpack is a multi-tool application containing a selection of useful items, brought together in one handy package.
Each of the four sections (Personal Alarm, In Case of Emergency, First Aid Guide, and Torch) has been created to provide superb functionality, whilst maintaining a simple and attractive appearance.
All four sections possess home screen widgets, providing fast and easy access to every part of the application.
The backpacks elegant design, intuitive navigation system and user friendly interface, all help to make this tool both easy to use and exceptionally effective.
Personal Alarm
The personal alarm provides users with an effective weapon against would be attackers. The alarm emits a high pitched noise, helping to deter attackers whilst drawing attention to your situation.
In Case of Emergency
The ICE section can provide medical professionals with easy access to a predetermined ICE contacts list, as well as user specific medical information. This information can then be made accessible to emergency personnel through the use of an ICE home screen widget.
First Aid Guide
This guide contains up to date information which can help you deal with a wide range of emergencies and other first aid situations. The guide is split into relevant subsections and information pages use a handy colour code system, allowing users easy access to relevant data.
The torch offers a simple and elegant replacement to traditional torches. It supports both screen and flash modes (device hardware permitting). It can automatically set brightness levels, and provides an option to toggle between screen and flash modes (where available). The tool's user friendly interface and simple control system all help to provide you with a handy light, to illuminate those dark places.

Emergency Backpack 更新内容

Improved: personal alarm sound file.
Reconfigured: large layouts.

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Android 2.1.x 以上
Google Play

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