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Wolf WiFi Pro Net Tools Demo

Wolf WiFi Pro Net Tools Demo

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Wolf WiFi Pro Net Tools Demo 截图

Wolf WiFi Pro Net Tools Demo Wolf WiFi Pro Net Tools Demo Wolf WiFi Pro Net Tools Demo Wolf WiFi Pro Net Tools Demo Wolf WiFi Pro Net Tools Demo Wolf WiFi Pro Net Tools Demo Wolf WiFi Pro Net Tools Demo Wolf WiFi Pro Net Tools Demo Wolf WiFi Pro Net Tools Demo Wolf WiFi Pro Net Tools Demo Wolf WiFi Pro Net Tools Demo

Wolf WiFi Pro Net Tools Demo 描述

- PCMag.com Editors' Choice award winner for network utilities
- We can now accept P.O. orders, bulk purchases, volume licensing, and other purchase options better suited for Enterprises. Please contact us directly at support@wolfwifi.com if you need more than one copy of the app.
If you are a network administrator or a network engineer that has any WiFi / wireless on your network then you already know that you need a good WiFi network monitoring / analyzer tool or toolkit to properly manage and analyze inside your wireless network. Without the proper network tools you have no way to determine proper functionality of your WiFi network or identify security risk that comes with having wireless technology inside of your enterprise corporate LAN. As a network administrator or engineer you already have many other responsibilities with your network such as managing servers, routers, switches, workstations, inventory management, asset management, bandwidth monitoring, troubleshooting... the list is long. Make sure you have a tool that makes your wireless network management easier!
- Active Passive Pre-Deployment and Site Survey and WiFi Analyzer network tools for wireless professionals. Works on 802.11 N, G, B, and A networks (Depends on device)
Quickly perform wifi site surveys by simply double tapping on floor plan to register samples
2.4Ghz and 5Ghz wifi analyzer fully supported in all wireless tools
WiFi Heatmapper
WiFi AP Edge Map
WiFi Channel Map
WiFi Stumbler
WiFi Analyzer
Access point filters allow you to analyze AP edge individually
Wireless security filters identify and analyze secure and non-secure (WEP, Ad-Hoc, Open) wireless networks
Sub-filters allow you to filter out weak WiFi coverage areas
Network Icons for mapping out your hardware
Export all views for email or printing
Export and Import all surveys for backup or to share with other techs using Wolf WiFi Pro
Create multiple sites
Supports and analyze broadcast and hidden SSIDs (once known to device)
Complete help documentation at www.wolfwifi.com and videos on www.youtube.com
-WiFi Scanner and analyzer with summary view and detailed view
-Channel Graph displays and analyze channels in use to easily identify congestion
-Signal Tracker helps you track down access points and adjust antennas
-802.11 A/B/G/N support (depends on device)
Wolf WiFi Pro is an enterprise class accurate wireless toolkit and analyzer for wireless professionals. Wolf WiFi Pro goes far beyond just searching for WiFi networks, now you can perform full active passive pre-deployment and site surveys, import your own floor plans, and create heat maps. Use filters to identify Open, WEP, Ad Hoc and secure networks. Monitor active 802.11 channels to identify congestion. Device WiFi management. Network icon library allows you to place icons on your floor plan to identify location of network equipment.
No PC software required. No Root required. If you like AirMagnet, Ekahau, Visiwave, Meritech, Netstumbler, inSSIDer, WiFi Analyzer, airmapper or Tamograph you will want to take a look at this app.
App is actively in development. More features and tools are on the way. Please send us your suggestions. Let's make this the best mobile site survey and analyzer tool available.
Support and documentation – Help is an email away at support@wolfwifi.com. Full documentation can also be found by going to the home screen in the app and clicking the menu button. Additional documentation can be found on our website at http://www.wolfwifi.com. Training videos for the app can be found on http://www.youtube.com search Wolf WiFi Pro.
- PCMag.com编辑选择奖得主网络工具
- 我们现在可以接受P.O.订单,批量采购,批量授权,以及其他的购买选择更适合企业。请如果您需要的应​​用程序的多个副本直接联系我们support@wolfwifi.com。
如果你是一个网络管理员,或者在您的网络上的任何WiFi /无线网络工程师,那么你已经知道你需要一个良好的WiFi网络监控/分析工具或工具包,以妥善管理和无线网络内进行分析。如果没有正确的网络工具,你有没有办法来确定你的WiFi网络的正常功能或标识附带有企业公司局域网内无线技术的安全风险。作为网络管理员或工程师你已经有很多其他的责任与您的网络,如管理服务器,路由器,交换机,工作站,库存管理,资产管理,带宽监控,故障排除...名单很长。请确保您有一个工具,使您的无线网络管理更轻松!
- 有源无源预部署和现场勘测和WiFi分析仪网络工具无线专业人士。工程802.11 N,G,B和A网络(取决于设备)
无线AP Edge地图
- 无线扫描仪和分析仪摘要视图和详细视图
-802.11 A / B / G / N支持(取决于设备)
狼的WiFi Pro是一个企业级的精确无线工具包和分析仪的无线专业人士。狼的WiFi临远远超出只是在寻找WiFi网络,现在你可以进行全有源无源预部署和实地调查,导入自己的平面图,并建立热图。使用过滤器来识别开放,WEP,特设和安全网络。监视活动的802.11信道识别拥堵。设备的WiFi管理。网络图标库允许您将图标在您的平面图,以确定网络设备位置。
支持和文档 - 说明是电子邮件走在support@wolfwifi.com。完整的文档,也可以通过进入到主屏幕中的应用程序,点击菜单按钮找到。额外的文档可以在我们的网站http://www.wolfwifi.com找到。培训视频的应用程序可以在http://www.youtube.com找到搜索狼的WiFi专业版。

Wolf WiFi Pro Net Tools Demo 更新内容

Active and Passive Surveys now supported
Pre-Deployment Surveys added
Interference Network Filters added
Improved Access Point Filter interface
Delete individual icons and signal taps from surveys
Real time signal strength displayed for each Access Point icon while performing survey
Export surveys zip file to SD Card or Cloud for back or to share with other techs using Wolf WiFi Pro
Import surveys from SD Card or Cloud
How-To YouTube Videos accessible from within app

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Wolf WiFi Pro Net Tools Demo 信息

系统工具 WiFi
Android 2.2.x 以上

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