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Everbridge Mobile Aware Everbridge Mobile Aware Everbridge Mobile Aware Everbridge Mobile Aware

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Everbridge Mobile Aware is a free app available to Everbridge clients that allows the user to manage their incident communications from mobile devices. With Mobile Aware, Everbridge clients can access their system from any location – even under adverse network conditions - to securely send a new notification to Groups or Individuals, launch a scenario and monitor broadcasts with a real-time graphical reporting interface.
Mobile Aware saves personal settings which allows the user to quickly send messages and monitor feedback according to their pre-designated preferences.
For Everbridge SmartGIS users, Mobile Aware provides visual intelligence to mobile responders with access to enhanced GIS capabilities that extend the users’ reach with location-based mobile notifications.
This app requires a paid subscription with Everbridge. Please visit everbridge.com for details.
Everbridge移动意识到是提供给客户Everbridge一个免费的应用,其允许用户从移动设备上管理他们的事件的通信。随着移动意识到,Everbridge客户端可以从任何地点访问他们的系统 - 即使在恶劣的网络条件 - 安全地发送一个新的通知,以团体或个人,推出一个方案,并监督广播与实时图形化报表界面。
对于Everbridge SmartGIS用户,移动意识到提供视觉智能移动应答能够访问增强的GIS功能,扩展了用户的到达与基于位置的移动通知。

Everbridge Mobile Aware 更新内容

- Send Notifications to Individuals and Groups
- Track the number of characters in your message text to minimize the number of SMS messages delivered to recipients
- Broadcast Delivery Throttling
- Send Notifications based on geographical locations (requires a SmartGIS Product license with Everbridge)
- Send Notifications to your Member Database and your GIS Contacts at the same time (requires a SmartGIS Product license with Everbridge)

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Android 2.2.x 以上
Google Play

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