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*** I'm working on the share via functionality to make it easier to add articles through the browser, update coming soon. ***

ReadIt is an Android client for readability users. Sync articles with your account for offline reading and add new urls to your collection. Completely redesigned interface for modifying the appearance of articles using android buttons.

The source is available at:

Here are some of the main features of the ReadIt client:

database stores articles for offline reading
users dont have to cache/open before they are stored
complete offline reading experience
storing bookmark/article details in local sqlite database greatly reduces online web queries
save data fees for users
less queries to webserver
minimal database entries checks last updated date
webview holds scroll position and styles on rotation changed
completely redesigned controls for best Android experience
easier to click
ability to disable images
ability to disable links
progress bar for webview
progress dialog show status for sync
errors when internet connection not available
error message for invalid url
special ime for entering urls (no suggestions, go button on soft keyboard does the same action as clicking the read button)
all connections to webview happend in background task to prevent forceclosing
handlers to perform tasks in background and still have progress dialog in main thread
custom dialog to add bookmarks
inside webview show change in color to signify option clicked (text size, width, style)
toggle existing archive/favorite button
separate menu panel for authorized users and guests (option to read later changed)
different sized icons for phones with different pixel densities
compatible with android 1.6+

And here is some information about Readability taken directly from their website:

"Readability is a web & mobile app that zaps online clutter and saves web articles in a comfortable reading view. No matter where you are or what device you use, your reading will be there.

Readability offers a new way to compensate writers and publishers without punishing readers. 70%% of all membership fees go directly to the people who make the content."

ReadIt 更新内容


fixed reading view

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ReadIt 信息

Android 2.1.0 以上



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