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- A Simple Note-Taking App for Android, Plus More Tiny Utilities Than You’ll Know What to Do With - Lifehacker
- Like a Better iPhone Notes App for Your Android Phone - App of the Day @ Gizmodo
- Does just about everything, and walks your dog - DroidDog
- Is the most functional, usable, versatile app I've ever come across - AndroidGuys
- The Magical Memo Pad that Doubles as a Utility Belt! - Androidtapp
- Manages to provide a minimalistic interface that doesn’t sacrifice quality - App of the Day @ Phandroid
- Simple Yet Rich In Features - Talkandroid
Thank you to the great people at stands4 (abbreviations.com) for the API usage!
Classic Notes is designed as an easy to use notepad application yet powerful at the same time. Additionally, this notepad includes several additional mini apps (found in extras). Common utilities such as unit and cooking conversions, finance and audio calculators are now all readily available inside one app. Additionally, all info from these apps can be easily saved as notes for future reference. Classic Notes also features todo and shopping / grocery lists.
* Export database to SD or online
* Trash / recycle bin - Accidentally delete a note? No problem, just head into the trash and get it back
* Individual note history - revert back to any point in a notes lifetime
* Unit converter with 95 categories to choose from and nearly 3500 individual units
* Audio calculators for frequency, BPM, loop length
* Random - A feature rich random number generator can create random numbers, passwords, sequences, names, quotes, and even lists used for lotto numbers.
* Fuel cost
* Tools for line and word operations and manipulation, case conversions, Pig Latin, Morse code and much more
* Finance - Over 150 financial calculators
* Share notes easily via email, SMS, and so on
* TTS - notepad supports text to speech
* Add memos to Google Calendar
* Status bar - easily pin notes to your status bar for quick access
* Home screen shortcuts - Link notes and lists to your home screen
* Media - easily attach images and videos to notes from gallery or camera
* Sketch / finger paint notes - Use your finger to create pictures
* Lock note with passwords
* File attachments - link a file on your device to a note
* Geotag - Easily tag your memos based on location
* Content search - search through all notes or individual ones
* Priority - Notepad allows to set priority of both notes and lists to sort based on urgency
* Reminders / Alarms - Easily set reminders for your notes
* Abbreviations
* Time stamp - create custom time-stamps to insert into your notes
* Dictionary and thesaurus - Easily look up a word from right inside your notes!
* Example word usage
* Slang
* Spelling Suggestions
* Stopwatch
* Rhyming words - Found in notepad extras this is helpful for musicians
* Phrases
* Fitness - Basal metabolic rate (BMR), body fat, body mass index (BMI), daily caloric intake, max heart rate, nne rep max (1RM), target heart rate, waist to hip ratio, water intake
* Ohm's law - resistance, voltage, current
* System information:
- Battery level percentage, status, health
- SD card total size, available space
- Memory usage - total and available memory
- Processor/CPU information
- Network information ip address, wifi & mobile state
- GPS status
* Holidays
* URL shortener
* Bulleted lists
* Days until countdown
* Timzone - Fetch timezone data in notepad extras
* Folders - Easily organize your notes into folders
* Airport codes
* Countdown Timer
* Comments - Notes support comments some time referred to as sub notes
* Recipe of the day
* Flashlight
* Hotstrings - This notepad feature allows for quick access to easily insert commonly typed phrases into your notes
- 一个简单的笔记应用程序为Android,再加上纤巧实用工具比你知道该怎么做 - Lifehacker的
- 是一个更好的iPhone应用程序的注意事项为你的Andr​​oid手机 - 的日@ Gizmodo的应用
- 难道刚才的一切,并指导你的狗 - DroidDog
- 是最实用,易用,通用的应用程序,我曾经遇到过 - AndroidGuys
- 神奇的记事簿,可兼作公共传送带! - Androidtapp
- 设法提供不牺牲质量简约的界面 - 日@ Phandroid的应用
- 简单而丰富的功能 - Talkandroid
*垃圾箱/回收站 - 意外删除的说明?没问题,只是头部扔进垃圾桶,并把它找回来
*个人笔记历史 - 恢复到任意点的一生注释
*随机 - 一个功能丰富的随机数生成器可以创建随机数,密码,序列,名称,报价,甚至列出了用于乐透号码。
*财务 - 超过150金融计算器
* TTS - 记事本支持文本到语音
*状态栏 - 轻松通过引脚笔记,以便快速访问你的状态栏
*主屏幕上的快捷方式 - 链接票据和清单,以您的主屏幕
*媒体 - 轻松地从画廊或相机附加图像和视频笔记
*素描/手指画笔记 - 用你的手指来创建图片
*文件附件 - 您的设备上链接文件的说明
*地理标记 - 轻松基于位置标记您的备忘录
*内容搜索 - 搜索通过所有的笔记或单个的人
*优先 - 记事本可同时设置票据优先,并列出进行排序的基础上的紧迫性
*提醒/报警 - 轻松设置提醒您的笔记
*时间戳 - 创建自定义的时间标记插入到您的笔记
*字典和词典 - 轻松查找从右在你的笔记一个字!
*押韵的词 - 在记事本中发现群众演员,这是音乐家有帮助
*健身 - 基础代谢率(BMR),身体脂肪,身体质量指数(BMI),每日热量摄入,最大心脏率,NNE代表最高(1RM),目标心脏率,腰臀比,水的摄入量
*欧姆定律 - 电阻,电压,电流
- 电池电量百分比,地位,健康
- SD卡的总容量,可用空间
- 内存使用 - 总的和可用内存
- 处理器/ CPU信息
- 网络信息的IP地址,无线网络和移动状态
- GPS状态
* URL缩短
* Timzone - 获取记事本中额外时区数据
*文件夹 - 轻松整理笔记到文件夹中
*评论 - Notes支持意见称为子笔记一段时间
*热字串 - 这个记事本功能,可以快速访问轻松地插入常用词组输入到您的笔记

经典记事本 更新内容

**HTC One m8 users you have a bug in a recent app update called "Android System WebView" that is crashing apps on your device. Go to "Android System Webview" in your My Apps page of Google Play, and uninstall the updates. All will work again. E-mail me if you need help **
- New color chooser for sketches
- Copy text from history
- Extras/Duration calculator
- Extras/Date calculator

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