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Forex-Broker MT4 droidTrader下载

Forex-Broker MT4 droidTrader

Forex-Broker MT4 droidTrader

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Forex-Broker MT4 droidTrader 截图

Forex-Broker MT4 droidTrader Forex-Broker MT4 droidTrader Forex-Broker MT4 droidTrader Forex-Broker MT4 droidTrader Forex-Broker MT4 droidTrader

Forex-Broker MT4 droidTrader 描述

MT4 trading for Forex-Broker customers powered by Forex On The Go Technology.

Forex-Broker MT4 droidTrader, powered by Forex On The Go Technology, allows free mobile MT4 trading for all new and existing Forex-Broker clients.

Features Include:
- Trading from a real-time live tick chart
- Ability to use all symbols available
- Place Buy and Sell orders
- Place Pending orders
- Set Stop-Loss and Take-Profit
- Close and Modify Existing Orders
- View Real Time Profit/Loss of Live Trades
- View Past history
- Real-time interactive currency charts
- Real-time market price overview
- Fibonacci Retracement Calculator
- Pivot Point Calculator
- Profit Calculator
- And more...

Forex-Broker is a leading broker company on foreign exchange market providing financial trading services to various clients worldwide. Traders choose our company due to large number of trading instruments, very tight spreads, excellent orders execution with no requotes, wide range of client services and efficient client support. Company regularly holds trading contests for clients with real money awards. Comfortable and profitable trading only with Forex-Broker! Forex- Broker - forex in person!

Trading Forex can be extremely risky, by use and/or download of this software you acknowledge that you have fully read and understand our End User License Agreement and Risk Disclosure available at www.ForexOnTheGo.com, and that you agree to the terms set forth therein. MT4 is a product of MetaQuotes Software Corp.

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Backward compatibility issues with certain 2.1 phones.

Forex-Broker MT4 droidTrader 历史版本

Forex-Broker MT4 droidTrader 使用技巧

Forex-Broker MT4 droidTrader 信息

Android 2.1.0 以上

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