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Learn to Write Alphabets Learn to Write Alphabets Learn to Write Alphabets Learn to Write Alphabets Learn to Write Alphabets Learn to Write Alphabets

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ABC Guru is a tool to teach & learn how to trace and spell numbers & alphabets. App makes the process fun by showing and spelling out. It can be used to teach multiple languages (English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Bengali, Kannada, Malayalam and Korean) and more coming soon. You can record your own traces and sounds and even share them with others! It includes sounds and traces for some languages. If you know a language, you can record sounds and traces to teach others (like your kids). If you want to learn a new language, request some one who knows that language to record the traces and sounds for you so you can practice using this app. It works in both landscape and portrait modes and remembers your preferences. You can pick your own colors, finger size, turn off sounds and trace teaching. You can scroll through letters and learn sequences. It has smarts to show your trace in both orientations irrespective of which way you recorded. You can reset the preferences to defaults. It makes learning to write a new language script a fun filled activity both for kids and adults. Please share your suggestions and feedback by sending an email to alphabet.guru@gmail.com or by joining http://groups.google.com/group/alphabetguru
农行大师是一个工具,教和学如何跟踪和拼写的数字和字母。应用程序,使得该过程中的乐趣通过展示和阐明。它可以用来教多国语言(英文,印地文,泰卢固语,泰米尔语,孟加拉语,卡纳达语,马拉雅拉姆语和韩国语)和更多即将推出。您可以录制自己的痕迹和声音,甚至与他人分享!它包括声音和痕迹某些语言。如果你知道一种语言,你可以录制声音和痕迹教导别人(比如你的孩子)。如果你想学习一门新语言,请一些人谁知道这种语言来记录的痕迹和声音给你,让你可以使用这个程序实践。它的工作原理在风景和肖像模式,并记住你的喜好。你可以选择你自己的颜色,手指大小,关闭声音和跟踪教学。您可以通过信件滚动和学习序列。它具有智慧,不论你记录哪种方式来展示您的跟踪在两个方向。您可以重置的喜好为默认值。它使学习写一个新的脚本语言一个充满乐趣的活动既为孩子和成人。通过发送电子邮件至alphabet.guru @ gmail.com或加入http://groups.google.com/group/alphabetguru请分享您的建议和反馈

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Fixed for different screen sizes
Added zoom support to show the trace on any screen size.
Fixed Korean font. Next button will be disabled when showing the last letter and previous button will be disabled for first letter. Added Gujarati, Oriya, Malayalam support. Updated fonts. Added options for sharing, recommending, rating. Added a welcome screen. Changed default colors to look like a board.

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