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Lose weight and stay fit, learn how to eat better and become more active with MyNetDiary program.
MyNetDiary app helps you set a realistic weight goal and lose weight in a steady, comfortable fashion. Get the diary app right now, start tracking food and exercise, log you body facts and health observations. Beginning today, the app will direct you towards your weight goal by giving you personal diet tips based on continuous analysis of your diary. This app is a virtual coach in your pocket, always ready to help.
It works: our average user loses 12 pounds in 2 months and so far more than 5 million people have joined. MyNetDiary is based on proven science and is #1 mobile diet app according to American Journal of Preventive Medicine, whose independent study included dozens of apps like MyFitnessPal, Noom and Lose It. The New York Times* calls MyNetDiary “simpler… quicker… also, it looks nicer" in comparison with MyFitnessPal.
Start losing weight and changing your lifestyle today: it is free** and enlightening!
*Also featured in USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Consumer Reports, NPR and more.
**Core weight loss features are available for free. We offer Maximum upgrade for the best results with advanced features.
"The most easy to use diet app in the World, and I have tried them all. Very extensive db, it rarely misses a food entered.”
"This app is great for weight loss. Keeps track of my calories, exercise, weight, and helps me reach my goal.”
"This is the only program in 20 years that has actually helped me lose weight by easily tracking calories.”
✓ #1 food database - over 680,000 foods. Majority of foods are verified, optional member-contributed foods.
✓ Barcode scanner
✓ Smart search-as-you-type
✓ Choose the nutrients you want to focus on: carbs, fats, sugars, fiber, sodium, cholesterol, vitamins and minerals … up to 45 nutrients in every food!
✓ PhotoFood service: if a food is not found, take photos and we will enter the food in 24 hours!
✓ Daily and Weekly Analysis - know how you did and learn to improve
✓ Track all body measurements, daily steps, hours of sleep and work, blood pressure, heart rate, blood glucose, A1C and other lab test results, cholesterol, medications and symptoms. Create custom trackers.
✓ Offline-enabled, always in sync with MYNETDIARY.COM
✓ Link your diary with your Fitbit, Withings or Jawbone UP
✓ Absolutely the fastest food entry!
✓ Remembers and suggests your favorite foods and servings
✓ Log custom foods
✓ Create recipes
✓ Detailed food labels and food score
✓ Food time tracking, helps with Meal Planning
✓ Optional Net Carbs and Diabetes Carb Count tracking
✓ Over 500 activities and exercises available at your fingertips
✓ Calculates exercise calories based on your body weight
✓ Track time or distance for running/walking, helps with Exercise Planning
✓ Log custom exercises
✓ Recommends Daily Calorie Budget based on your target weight. You can override the recommendation.
✓ Choose your target date or desired weight loss rate
✓ Always explains the recommendation using weight maintenance calories, BMI and BMR
✓ The recommendations account for your age, height, weight, gender and activity level
✓ Calculates Carb/Fat/Protein budgets based on percentages of calories coming from these nutrients
✓ Beautiful charts comparing plan against actuals
✓ Specialized Weight, Nutrient and Calories charts
✓ Specialized Diabetes overview, specialized charts and reports of blood glucose excursions
✓ Day Part report connecting all tracked values for pre-diabetes, diabetes and overall health analysis.
✓ Full-featured web site
✓ Online Community supported by a Registered Dietitian
✓ Family and private groups, sharing with your doctor, dietitian or coach
✓ English and metric units are supported
它的工作原理:我们的平均用户丢失12磅2个月,到目前为止,超过500万人参加。 MyNetDiary根据预防医学杂志美国杂志基于成熟的科学,是#1移动应用饮食,其独立的研究包括几十个像MyFitnessPal,Noom的应用程序,并失去它。纽约时报 * 调用MyNetDiary与MyFitnessPal比较“简单......快......还有,它看起来更好”。
开始减肥,今天改变你的生活方式:它是免费的 ** 和启发!
* 同样刊登在今日美国,华尔街日报,消费者报告,NPR等。
** 核心的减肥功能都是免费的。我们提供的最大升级具有先进功能的最佳效果。
✓#1的食品数据库 - 超过68万的食物。食品多数被验证,可选成员提供的食品。
✓每日和每周分析 - 知道你怎么没和学习提高

MyNetDiary 更新内容

1. Reworked weight planning based on calorie and nutrient plan. No save buttons while planning - Enjoy!
2. Added planing advices on home screen and planning screen, tap bulb icon whenever you see it.
3. Improved diagnostics and fixed bugs, including correct calorie count for meals.

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生活休闲 小工具
Android 4.0.2 以上



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