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dbees.com Diabetes Management

dbees.com Diabetes Management

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dbees.com Diabetes Management dbees.com Diabetes Management dbees.com Diabetes Management dbees.com Diabetes Management dbees.com Diabetes Management dbees.com Diabetes Management

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dbees.com app is a part of service for diabetics which provides effective help to deal with diabetes using your mobile phone.
dbees.com application has been created for people like you – despite having the same disease, each person is different, therefore, the designed solution is fully flexible and adapt to the needs of even the most demanding of diabetics.
Especially for you the system will select the applicable activities and types of tests .
After determining all necessary parameters, you will be able to simply supplement the planned activities in accordance with the defined scheme of your day.
Using the service and application is completely FREE.
- Supported diabetes types: type 1, type 2, LADA, gestational diabetes, secondary
- Supported treatment: insulin, pills, insulin pump, diet and mix
- Alarms and reminders
- The input of the necessary data is very easy and will not take you longer than few seconds
- All the data registered on your mobile phone is transferred to and updated on your online account
- Through this account your data can be easily accessed and analysed with graphs
- In addition to registering the glycemic values, a record of medicines taken and meals eaten can be recorded along with many other activities
- What’s more, using the secure connection, you can make your records available to your doctor
- Supported languages: English, French, Spain, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Dutch
Join us!
dbees.com - diabetes under control!
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dbees.com Diabetes Management 更新内容

New activities:
- Other drugs
- Base (pump)
- Base adjustment
- Notes category

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Android 1.6.0 以上

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