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Version 2.1 of Oubliette is a major update with a number of new features:
- It is now possible to have multiple users on the same device, each with their own set of game data. To create a new users simply select the 'Switch User' option from the main screen and enter a new user name.
- You can now both buy and sell items in the shop. In addition, you can find random non-basic items for sale.
- The Fireball, Lightning Bolt and Ice Storm spells now target only one monster group, and no longer do any damage to the party.
- The inventory system has been reworked. There is now one master pack which is shared by all characters. You will no longer need to transfer items from one character to another.
- The upper levels have been made easier, and the lower levels harder You will only get one monster group when you are on level one, one or two monster groups on level 2, up to three monster groups on levels 3 through 7, up to 4 monster groups on levels 8 & 9, and up to 5 groups on level 10.
- The gold situation is much improved at the beginning of the game. You will start with less gold, but should be able to find sufficient gold to be able to rest.
- The aging has been reduced. You now will age by weeks instead of months.
- Special rooms now yield new unique items with new powers as well as portal gems.
- Dungeon level 11 has been added, complete with a final boss.
- Both phone and tablet devices are now supported.
- Many minor improvements have been made which are too numerous to mention.
Oubliette Lite is a free version of the classic multiplayer dungeon fantasy role playing game, finally available on Android phones. Build a party of fighters, priests, mages and thieves to run deep into the dungeon. Test your courage and skill against groups of orcs, trolls, vampires and dragons.
Earning its reputation as the thinking man's dungeon game, Oubliette blends the thrill of mortal combat with the sublime challenges of strategy, planning and adaptation. Rather than testing your reaction speed and nerves, like a first person shooter, Oubliette challenges the player to do careful strategic planning as well as make tactical decisions in the heat of battle.
Each player (character) in the game is created from one of eight player races, which vary in attributes such as strength, intelligence, dexterity and durability. Elves are highly intelligent and (potentially) immortal, Orcs are strong with short life spans, Dwarves are strong with high wisdom, Kobolds are quite weak in most areas but advance more quickly.
Depending on these attributes, each player will be qualified to join a limited number of player classes (occupations). More balanced players will have more choices, including Hirebrand (fighter), Mage, Priest and Thief. Less commonly, players may be qualified for a highly selective class with special skills such as Ranger, Sage, Paladin, Samurai or Ninja.
Unlike games which focus on a single player against multiple opponents, Oubliette allows a party of up to 10 players with complementary skills to face the various types of monsters found in the dungeon. There are more than 160 different monsters, and to deal with them, more than 150 different pieces of equipment, which may be enchanted with special properties or skills.
Oubliette is challenging, but forgiving. New players commonly have their parties wiped out by an unfamiliar group of monsters. In fact, your party can meet up to 3 monster groups at the same time! Use the Temporal Chamber to save a Temporal Portal before dangerous trips. If things turn out badly, use the Temporal Chamber to turn back the clock and try again. The trapeze is every bit as thrilling, but safer, with a net below.
If you are up to the challenge, Oubliette Lite is free to download and play. Explore the easier levels of the dungeon to build your party and expertise. And then, when you are ready, purchase the full version and feel the power of the game on the deeper levels. Onward to Glory!
- 现在可以为具有相同设备上的多个用户,每个用户具有自己的一组游戏数据。要创建一个新的用户只需从主屏幕中的“切换用户”选项,并输入新的用户名。
- 您现在可以买两个,并在商店出售物品。此外,你可以找到随机销售非基本项目。
- 该火球,闪电箭和冰暴法术现在的目标只有一个怪物群,并且不再做党的任何损害。
- 存货的盘存制度被重新设定。现在有哪些是由所有字符共享一个主组。你将不再需要转移的项目从一个字符到另一个。
- 上部水平已经变得更加容易,而下级更难你只会得到一个怪物群时,你是在一个水平上,一个或两个怪物群上2级,对级别最多三个怪物组3至7,高达4怪物组上水平8和9,以及多达5个组的10级。
- 金情况多在游戏开始时的提高。你会开始用更少的黄金,但应该能够找到足够的金币才能休息。
- 老龄化已经减少。现在,您将通过几周而不是几个月的年龄。
- 特别室现在产生新的权力,以及门户网站的宝石新的独特的项目。
- 地下城11级已经加入,完成一个最终boss。
- 手机和平板设备现在支持。
- 已作出许多小的改进,是不胜枚举。

地下密牢 更新内容

Version 2.2 fixes a number of issues:
- Provides more available memory for devices running 3.0 or higher which should reduce 'Out of Memory' errors.
- Fixes some cosmetic issues when running on tablets with high density displays.
- Fixed a number bugs, including the bug that caused Teleport traps to crash the app.

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