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Thai Talking Food Menu Lite

Thai Talking Food Menu Lite

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Thai Talking Food Menu Lite Thai Talking Food Menu Lite Thai Talking Food Menu Lite

Thai Talking Food Menu Lite 描述

For lovers of Thai Food, particularly for those travelling or living in Thailand. Learn how to correctly pronounce your favourite dish in Thai & learn more about the incredible variety of authentic & delicious Thai cuisine.

You will be able to confidently order from non tourist restaurants that don't have an english menu or any english speaking staff. Order a meal yourself in Thai, show the waiter the photo & name in Thai script, or play the audio.. no more confusion.

Detailed dish descriptions make this a useful reference when reading any Thai menu.

Although designed primarily for those travelling Thailand this application is also great fun & practical to use at your favourite Thai restaurant at home.

You'll discover that many Thai restaurants are more than happy to prepare authentic Thai dishes not listed on their standard menus.

Application is organised into 4 Tabs: Menu, Dictionary, Top10, About

- All entries contain English, Thai script, English transcription and audio of correct Thai pronunciation
- Autthentic Thai Dishes grouped into a Menu of 7 categories
(Salads, Soups, Curries, Noodles, Rice, Stir Fried, Deep Fried)
- Audio food dictionary of individual words, drinks & common requests (No Ice, Not spicy etc)
- Handy 'Top 10' list of popular dishes
- Helpful notes & tips regarding Thai translation to English

Each Detailed Dish screen contains:
- Name in Thai script
- Spoken audio of Thai name
- English name
- Transcribed english name
- Description of dish
- Photograph of dish

Note: 'LITE' version of this application contains just a sample (< 20%%) of the content available in the 'PRO' version

New dishes added regularly in PRO version.
Planned updates will include Street Food, Snacks & Dessert categories

Refer to the Support page for a complete list of existing & future content
All images taken at local restaurants or street stalls in Thailand (Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket & Pattaya)

** No internet connection is required

Requires Android 2.2 and above

Feedback & suggestions welcomed, email gandkgraphics@gmail.com

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Android 2.2.x 以上

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