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Billminder Lite

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Billminder Lite 描述

Billminder Lite is a bill reminder application that works as an alarm manager to track bills and payments such as your utility bills, credit card, mortgage payments and so on. Billminder Lite will remind you to pay your bills in time to avoid any late charges by notifying you in your phone. In addition, you can also keep track of bills and payments of your spouse, family members and friends with the function to alert/notification them via text message or email.

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✓ Easy and simple interface to enter all your bills
✓ Simple alert configuration
✓ Flexible recurring bill setup of your choice - weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly
✓ Ability to alert friends/family based on phone's contacts
✓ Ability to manage multiple recurrence option on the same bill such as change from bi-weekly to monthly
✓ Track summary by grouping with listing option of all bills, overdue/pastdue, due today, due within week, due within month, upcoming bills, closed bills and all bills in current month
✓ You can assign predefined or user created categories to your bills and review bill listing or summary by category
✓ Ability to protect your information via passcode
✓ Localization support : English (more languages will be added in the final release)
✓ Ability to choose date, time display format and 24-hours format
✓ Multi-currency support for most major world currencies
✓ Ability to create your own categories
✓ System backup/restore capability
Please do not hesitate to report bugs to us or contact us for any question, problem or suggestion at buzz@garewin.com

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Billminder Lite 更新内容


Revise maximum trial bills from 20 to 100 bills.

New full/partial payment function.

Enhance list view.

Enhance alert options.

New navigator menu.

New category summary menu.

Allow create category from lookup.

Enhance add category function.

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Billminder Lite 信息

Android 2.0.0 以上
Garewin Lab

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