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Go Metro Los Angeles

Go Metro Los Angeles

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Go Metro Los Angeles 描述

Go Metro to work, shopping, schools or entertainment all over Los Angeles County with our official app. Whether you're a first time rider and would like to find out how to get started or if you travel frequently and need to plan your trip out on the town, use this app to find all of the convenient ways to get there when you Go Metro.
Live Arrivals & Maps – View a live map of your route, vehicle location, and real-time arrival.
MyMetro – Previously visited trips, itineraries, route selection, or stations/stops are automatically saved and can be favorited.
Contextual System Alerts – See alerts and notifications based on your previous trips, itineraries, route selection, or stations/stops.
Customer Assistance & Help – Call Customer Relations, TAP Help, and Metro Transit Security directly from the app. Locations of Metro Customer Centers and TAP resellers are integrated in the app.
Native Trip Planner – The trip planner is integrated into the app and will allow mixed mode transit: rail, bus, bike, park & ride, and walking.
New App Design – Completely redesigned user interface from the ground-up.
现场到达和地图 - 查看路线的实时地图,车辆定位,实时的到来。
MyMetro - 以前访问过的旅行,行程,路线选择,或站/停止自动保存,并且可以收藏了。
语境系统警报 - 参见根据你以前的旅行,行程,路线选择,或站警报和通知/停止。
客户服务与帮助 - 呼叫客户关系,TAP帮助和地铁运输安全直接从应用程序。地铁客服中心和TAP经销商位置集成在应用程序。
本地旅行计划 - 旅行计划被集成到应用程序将允许混合模式运输:铁路,公交车,自行车,停车换乘,步行。
新的应用程序设计 - 从地面向上完全重新设计的用户界面。

Go Metro Los Angeles 更新内容

1) Go Metro Map – Data of new rail lines and stations for Gold and Expo Line have been added (rebuild of JSON file for native rail map)
2) Updated GTFS
3) Updated Splash Screen Images

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旅游出行 公交地铁
Android 2.3.7 以上

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