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Radio 1000 Christian Radio

Radio 1000 Christian Radio

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Radio 1000 Christian Radio Radio 1000 Christian Radio Radio 1000 Christian Radio Radio 1000 Christian Radio

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Reflective of the Christian and ethnic diversity in most of our nation’s major metropolitan areas; Radio 1000 has a diverse listening audience in the Greater Cleveland market and continues to expand into markets nationwide and abroad, crossing all ethnic and racial groups. As most radio stations in the market, Radio 1000 continues to evolve, changing both musically and demographically, to adapt to the needs of our listeners.

With a large portion of the station’s listeners falling into the Baby Boomer consumer segment, the enormous spending power of our audience is significant for both our advertisers, the city of Cleveland, and cities nationally and abroad. AM Radio 1000 and Radio1000.org is a Christian owned and operated radio/internet station. The sole purpose of Radio 1000 and Radio1000.org is to spread the gospel all over the world.

We offer the best in gospel music, spoken word, innovative Christian talk shows, and much more. Since its initial broadcast in 2005, Radio 1000 has proven to be a major radio force in the Cleveland Metropolitan market. Having consistently occupied a position at or near the top of the ratings in its particular venue, as a community oriented station, Radio 1000 has invited and sponsored nationally renowned Pastors and gospel artists; such as Bishop T.D. Jakes, Dr. Juanita Bynum, Vickie Winans, Yolanda Adams, and a host of others. Radio 1000 has also sponsored a number of community centered activities such as home buying seminars, political events, and our Black Business Showcase.

The majority of these events, that are promoted by the station, are free and open to the general public. With diversity, discerning customers, spending power and solid positioning and a loyal following of listeners upwards of 400,000 locally and growing daily;in addition to the 2.5 million hits each month over our live internet stream at www.radio1000.org; AM Radio 1000 is an excellent advertising choice, with guaranteed results and has proven to be the most cost effective media outreach in the market today.

Facts About Our Station

Radio 1000 is today’s Christian radio station and has specifically designed its program format for dedicated listeners!


MOTTO: “The Praizeness Station in the Nation”

FORMAT: Traditional, Urban, Contemporary Gospel, Christian Inspirational Music.

TARGET AUDIENCE: Children-Mature Adult LOCAL

(OVER THE AIR) REACH: Cuyahoga, Lake, Lorain, Medina, & Geauga Counties. (Ohio)*


52.2%% Female, 47.8%% Male



82.4%% Private Sector/12.8%% Gov’t /4.7%% Self Employed (non incorporated businesses)



Radio 1000 has built a committed listener base, both nationally and internationally, and appeals to both men and women, especially of the workingclass segment of society and we are played by may listeners during their workday. Our listening audience represents consumers who will be able to readily purchase your products and/or services. Radio 1000 is highly visible and committed to the broad spectrum of the community in general, and the spiritual community in particular.

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