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Handy Elephant - Personal CRM

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Handy Elephant - Personal CRM Handy Elephant - Personal CRM Handy Elephant - Personal CRM Handy Elephant - Personal CRM

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Handy Elephant is like your Personal Networking Assistant - it helps you to stay on track with your relationships and even improves your networking productivity.
With Handy Elephant, you can manage your personal (and professional) relationships better. It allows you to
* figure out which relationships you need to attend to right now - so no contacts get left behind accidentally
* jot down important notes straight after a call and view them sorted by time and contacts within Handy Elephant
* maximise your effectiveness by calling contacts at their preferred times - based on their previous availability, Handy Elephant tells you the best times to follow up with them
* see all your social efforts and returns across different channels at a glance - no more separated call and SMS logs, it is all integrated within Handy Elephant
* look at your contacts from different angles - does contact X ever call you back? Whom did you not call for a while? And which person did you speak to the most?
* analyse your network in detail and check on the health of your relationships - over time, you will get a feeling for it and become a better networker.
Get more results from networking and strengthen your relationships - with Social Analytics from Handy Elephant.
PS: Handy Elephant only analyses your call and SMS log on your phone - your data does remain solely on your phone and does NOT get sent to one of our servers or 3rd parties. Also note that the app is still in BETA, please talk to us about any errors you get and all the features you wish it would have :)
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Handy Elephant - Personal CRM 更新内容

此版本中的新功能:* Sign up to Handy Elephant's Gmail app straight from within the mobile app
* New feedback page (in the menu, make sure you are online) now separates feedback for web and mobile app
* Various bug fixes (including an occasional crash when loading the follow up list)

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  • Handy Elephant - Personal CRM

    Handy Elephant - Personal CRM

    版本:0.7.9 (Beta) 高速下载

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0.7.9 (Beta)
Android 2.1.x 以上

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