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@hellotracks GPS tracking

@hellotracks GPS tracking

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Coordinate your teams and optimize movements of your field staff!
@hellotracks is a location-based service that runs as an app on smartphones and can be administered from a powerful web application or even more conveniently from the mobile phone app itself. The app has a strong user interface, in which every user contributes with information that encourages to interactivity.
@hellotracks tells you where people are in real-time by showing them on a live map, records and logs their driving routes and facilitates communication.
Use your smartphone as your GPS tracking device. Your tracks are being located and recorded by your smartphone in real-time. You can view, analyze and share your recorded tracks instantly, but also follow tracks and locations of people in your network in real-time.
- Live tracking
- Mobile and Web Access
- Communication (instant push messages)
- Remote Activation
- Send Directions for Google Map / Navigation
- Merge Tracks
- No additional expensive device needed
- Get notified when someone arrives at an importan place
- Share only if you want to, you keep control on your data
@hellotracks is about riding roads with horsepower. It’s best usage is inside vehicles but it also enables you to track outdoor movements temporarily.
@hellotracks is designed for your company with a pool up to 100 vehicles, to form an interactive, transparent, democratic and modern way to coordinate your staff and to help them coordinate themselves. It’s a lot about being more efficient, more accurate, about increasing productivity, and it’s about control in the sense of having real time overview to guide your team. Furthermore @hellotracks could be a service for your clients – more transparency even in cooperation with your partners.
@hellotracks is no social app, it’s no sports or travel tracker – or maybe a little of all of them. But what it really stands for, is providing the best tool to coordinate your team and optimize movements of your field staff.
Key Features
- Real-time locating and recording of tracks
- Fully automatic start-stop
- Track analysis via phone and PC
- Establish your own network
- Live map of your entire network
- Panic-Button for Emergencies
Detailed information is available at:
About Telematics:
Telematics is any integrated use of telecommunications and informatics, also known as ICT (Information and Communications Technology). Hence the application of telematics is with any of the following:
The integrated use of telecommunications and informatics, for application in vehicles and with control of vehicles on the move.
Telematics includes but is not limited to Global Positioning System technology integrated with computers and mobile communications technology in automotive navigation systems.
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@hellotracks GPS tracking 更新内容

★ Reduced battery consumption
★ Location update frequency improved
★ Immersive Mode problems solved
★ Get alerted on job dispatches
★ See all today's assigned jobs directly in the map

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生活休闲 小工具 电影票 美食
Android 4.0.2 以上

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