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Gallery Connect Preview

Gallery Connect Preview

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Gallery Connect Preview Gallery Connect Preview

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Gallery Connect is the easy way to display your photos and videos from your Android device to your television or Windows 7 Computer. It has advanced features, like remote pinch to zoom that extends these actions all the way to your television. Its media support goes beyond what the Android Gallery app can do. It can read files directly off of USB drives and flash readers. It includes support Canon and Nikon raw formats (.CR2 & .NEF). Gallery Connect uses industry standard UPNP/DLNA protocols to communicate with your Smart TV, Blu-ray player, computer or media center. Note: Gallery Connect is limited by what your device can support. Most UPNP/DLNA devices support photo transfer and many support 3gp/mp4 video. Unique Feature Set:- Remote display of pictures and video- Remote move and pinch zooming for photos- Fast image selection by date- Easy remote display selection- Support for direct SD & USB device reading (Android 3.2+)- Images rendered to your screen resolution, not just big thumbnails.- Support for Canon & Nikon raw formats- Google Cloud Print support This is a fully functional preview version with ads. An pro version will be available without ads in the near future. A wireless connect is required for remote viewing. Will not work on 3G/4G networks. Wireless G is supported, but wireless N is recommend for video. Please don't flame me because your remote device is not detected. This is usually because the device is either not enabled, or does not support UPNP. If you do have a device that is detected and does not work or you believe your device should be detected, send me and e-mail and I will work with you. If you do feel the need to leave negative feedback, please send me an e-mail first and/or leave a reason. There may be an easy way to resolve your issue and I will will make changes based on feedback. Thanks! Check out my website for more information and tips.

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系统工具 优化
Android 2.3.7 以上

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