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Restaurants & Nutrition LITE

Restaurants & Nutrition LITE

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Restaurants & Nutrition LITE Restaurants & Nutrition LITE Restaurants & Nutrition LITE Restaurants & Nutrition LITE Restaurants & Nutrition LITE

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TRIAL for number 1 eating out app Restaurants & Nutrition
ONLY FIRST 10 RESTAURANTS working in the trial version.It is designed for you to see how the full version is all about.
App provides you with : how many calories, food score, fat, fiber, carbs, protein, sodium etc. is in the meals of over 300 restaurants(full version) from US, Canada and even Great Britain
✔Menus are being constantly updated, so you are provided most current information. Don't get stuck with an app that shows old menus
✔Use Find Near Me option to locate listed restaurants 30 miles(50km) near you
✔Make list of favorite restaurants
✔Weight loss reported by many of our customers because app not just breaks down meals on calories,food score and other nutritional values but points you towards making healthier meal choices.Watch your body shed extra weight!
✔Diet Watchers will love this app : very helpful for those who count Food Score
✔Over 300 most popular restaurants, fast food chains and buffets included
✔No internet needed. Plus all info is stored in your phone, so you can access it anytime , anywhere
✔Half the memory size of some other similar apps- less memory will be used on you phone
✔No points calculator needed - all points (food score) is already calculated for you
✔Our similar sister-app are top sellers on iPhone and Amazon, Health section
✔In addition please find all major Movie Theaters Popcorn, Snacks and Drinks calories
✔Screen is re-sizable, so you can make it small or large with movement of you fingertips in case you need larger size letters
Weight loss and eating out couldn’t be more easier! Lose weight while exercising portion control by using this app !
If you like this LIT version, please consider also buying our full version.Similar apps might cost $4-8 or you might have to buy several apps just to have what the full version of this app includes.
Use this app to plan ahead what to order and know how many ,calories, food score, carbs, food score you will consume while dining out. Watchers of many diets can use this app for successful weight loss.
✔点计算器需要 - 已经为您计算所有点(食品得分)

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生活休闲 电影票 美食
Android 1.6.0 以上

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