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MathJumper LITE

MathJumper LITE

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MathJumper LITE is a platform scr

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MathJumper LITE MathJumper LITE MathJumper LITE MathJumper LITE MathJumper LITE

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MathJumper LITE is a platform scrolling survival game. To reach the next platform, you have to solve mathematical equations by drawing the solution on screen.The game is lost if the character reaches the bottom of your display but beware, it gets more challenging over time!NEW: Challenge your friends over bluetooth!MathJumper LITE is both entertaining and educational, improving your arithmetic skills and keeping you mentally young.Features (lite version):- Preschool difficulty fully playable- Highschool & college difficulty demo- 5 different characters giving you score bonuses- Bluetooth multiplayer to challenge your friends - OpenFeint enabled leaderboards (calculate faster than your opponents worldwide)- A total of 17 achievements to be unlocked through OpenFeint- Gesture Trainer to learn hand-writing numbers & operatorsThis game has a broad target audience from kids to seniors - whether it's just for fun, as a highscore challenge, math trainer to exercise your arithmetic skills or a daily workout to keep yourself mentally young.If you like MathJumper LITE, consider downloading the full version of MathJumper!Hint: OpenFeint leaderboards & achievements are compatible between MathJumper and MathJumperLite!Permissions: INTERNET, ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE and WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE are used by OpenFeint / Admob, WAKE_LOCK and BLUETOOTH for bluetooth multiplayerKeywords: math, training, trainer, workout, brain, excercise, arithmetics, learn, education, games, games for children, multiplication games, kids games, smart games, free games, math workout, math attack, math help, brain teaser, numbers, logic games, kid games, elementary math, mind games, tease, fun games, fun games for kids, Mensa, Mathe, jeux, Spiele, spiel, Zahlen, Kinder, Rechnen

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Android 1.6.0 以上


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