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It's About Time - Trial

It's About Time - Trial

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It's About Time - Trial It's About Time - Trial It's About Time - Trial It's About Time - Trial

It's About Time - Trial 描述

Developed for professionals that use QuickBooks to bill time and material and/or expenses.
Customers, Jobs, Vendors, Employees, Chart of Accounts and Items can be imported from QuickBooks.
Enter time (or use the timer), Invoices and Expenses on your Android device and then transfer to QuickBooks to automatically create time sheets, invoices, check transactions and credit card transactions.
You can also use this without QuickBooks as simply a timesheet and/or expense manager app.
•Integration with Quickbooks (2007 and later) Timer Activities
•Import customers, jobs, vendors, items, accounts and employees from QuickBooks
•Export/Email time sheets to be imported into QuickBooks
•Export/Email material and expense invoices to be imported into QuickBooks
•Option to setup folders for DropBox
•Maintain timers on multiple time entries
•Create and maintain invoices for customers/jobs
•Create and maintain expenses for customers/jobs
•Create and maintain customers, jobs, vendors, items and employees - data will be updated automatically in QuickBooks
•Filter time by status, customer and date
•Show totals for time by day, week, month or customer
•Send emails to customer contacts
•Optionally maintain history of time entries allowing for re-exporting of time entries
•Option for setting the first day of the week
•Option to set an increment of time for timer activities
•Control drop-down fields by specifying how many entries allowed before becoming an auto-complete field
•Option to use the last values for time entries
•Automatically include date/time in the notes field
•Automatically include customer/job in the notes field
•Ability to show data hidden by QuickBooks
•Ability to turn off and not use jobs

It's About Time - Trial 更新内容

Class added to expenses and invoices
Fixed problems with timer calculations
Added intervals for 6 and 20 minutes for rounding
Corrected date format for dd/m/yyy

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It's About Time - Trial 信息

Android 2.1.0 以上

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