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"A Lover's Complaint", a poem or more specifically a sonnet by the English playwright William Shakespeare as an e-book app.
Shakespeare's sonnets are a collection of 154 sonnets, dealing with themes such as the passage of time, love, beauty and mortality, first published in a 1609 quarto entitled SHAKE-SPEARES SONNETS. Never before imprinted. (although sonnets 138 and 144 had previously been published in the 1599 miscellany The Passionate Pilgrim). The quarto ends with "A Lover's Complaint", a narrative poem of 47 seven-line stanzas written in rhyme royal.
The first 17 poems, traditionally called the procreation sonnets, are addressed to a young man urging him to marry and have children in order to immortalize his beauty by passing it to the next generation.[1] Other sonnets express the speaker's love for a young man; brood upon loneliness, death, and the transience of life; seem to criticise the young man for preferring a rival poet; express ambiguous feelings for the speaker's mistress; and pun on the poet's name. The final two sonnets are allegorical treatments of Greek epigrams referring to the "little love-god" Cupid.
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This app is available as a FREE and a PRO version. The FREE edition includes ads which finance the development while the PRO edition is completely ad-free. Apart from that both versions are equal. You can first check out the FREE edition without any risk in order to to see if you like the app. If the ads annoy you or you just want to support this app's development, you can buy the PRO edition.
莎士比亚的十四行诗是154首十四行诗集,处理等主题的时候,爱,美和死亡率的推移,在1609年四开名为SHAKE-SPEARES十四行诗第一次出版。前所未有的印迹。 (虽然十四行诗138和144以前曾发表在1599杂记的热情的朝圣者)。与“情人的投诉”,47写成押韵的皇家七行诗节叙事诗四开结束。
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