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ixGyro Glass Cockpit Demo

ixGyro Glass Cockpit Demo

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ixGyro Glass Cockpit Demo 截图

ixGyro Glass Cockpit Demo ixGyro Glass Cockpit Demo ixGyro Glass Cockpit Demo ixGyro Glass Cockpit Demo ixGyro Glass Cockpit Demo ixGyro Glass Cockpit Demo

ixGyro Glass Cockpit Demo 描述

This is the demo version of ixGyro, a fully featured glass cockpit app including the following aviation instruments:
- Attitude Indicator (Artificial Horizon/Gyro)
- Magnetic compass
- True Course
- Slip Indicator
- Groundspeed
- Vertical Speed
- Altitude MSL
Unlike other apps around in the market ixGyro provides a true-attitude indicator that is unaffected by trajectorial accelerations, using not only the accelerometer sensor, but also the GPS signal and the gyroscope (if available) for a much more reliable and robust attitude indication.
Therefore, the best results are obtained with devices that are equipped with a gyroscope and GPS (as the Nexus S, the Galaxy Nexus (Google/Samsung), the Galaxy S3/S4/S5/S6, the Samsung Galaxy Tab, the Samsung Galaxy Note, the Samsung Nexus 10, the HTC Evo 3D, the HTC One/One X+, the Asus Transformer, the LG Nexus 4, or the LG Optimus Pad, for example).
If you encounter some odd behaviour of the attitude indicator (e.g. with the Google Nexus 7) please follow these steps to get satisfying results:
1) Launch ixGyro and select the Settings dialog
2) Check the option "Minimize gyro delay"
3) Select the option "Reset Autocalibration" from the main menu
4) Wait at least 5 minutes while ixGyro is running and the device is at rest
5) Optionally you can uncheck the option "Minimize gyro delay" now to save battery power.
Please read the documentation carefully and contact us in case of problems!
This is a demo version! The Pro version is available now on Android Market.
- 姿态指示器(人工地平/陀螺仪)
- 磁罗盘
- 真正的课程
- 滑指示器
- 地面速度
- 垂直速度
- 海拔MSL
因此,最好的结果是与配备了陀螺仪和GPS(为的Nexus S,银河的Nexus(谷歌/三星),银河S3 / S4 / S5 / S6,三星Galaxy Tab,三星Galaxy设备获得请注意,三星的Nexus 10,HTC EVO 3D,HTC的一/一X +,华硕变压器,在LG的Nexus 4,或LG的Optimus垫,例如)。
如果遇到姿态指示器(如与谷歌Nexus 7)的一些奇怪的行为,请按照以下步骤获得满意的结果:
这是一个演示版本! Pro版本现在可在Android Market。

ixGyro Glass Cockpit Demo 更新内容

- Support of Android 5 devices
- Action bar added
- Support of all external iLevil sensor devices via WiFi
- Setting for changing the gyro sampling rate
- Problems with no-phone devices solved
- Selectable units for ground speed (km/h, knots, mph), vertical speed (m/s, hundred feet per minute), and altitude (m, feet)
- Switch for GPS based attitude correction
- Support of tablets with default landscape orientation
- Improved Kalman algorithm for robust pitch/roll calculation

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ixGyro Glass Cockpit Demo 信息

交通导航 系统工具
Android 2.2.x 以上
Google Play

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