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ixigo hotels & flights

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ixigo hotels & flights ixigo hotels & flights ixigo hotels & flights ixigo hotels & flights ixigo hotels & flights ixigo hotels & flights ixigo hotels & flights ixigo hotels & flights ixigo hotels & flights ixigo hotels & flights

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The awesome new travel app everyone is talking about, including the Google CEO!
Finds you the cheapest and best airline ticket fares with best cashbacks for flights. Compares hotels and finds lowest rates for room bookings. Now also see holiday travel packages and send enquiries to all travel agents. Also get destination travel guides, places to visit, things to do, activities, deals, discounts & cashbacks for travel.
Enjoy the new feature – ixibook. Book flights and hotels directly on the ixigo travel app and considerably save on both time and effort, as the app will store traveller data after the first time you enter it! We have partnered with Cleartrip for flights and OYO Rooms for hotels. So simply ixibook-it!
1) Compare air fares across leading airline websites and travel portals and find cheapest airline tickets - Top airlines covered include Jet Airways Indigo, Spicejet, Go Air, Vistara, Air Asia, Air India, Lufthansa, KLM, Emirates, Singapore Airlines & more ! Get amazing cashback too !
2) Find best hotel prices and deals. Book 24,000+ hotels in India and 350,000+ hotels globally. Hotel chains covered include Taj, Oberoi, LemonTree, Ginger, Country Inn, Marriott, Sarovar, Country Inn, Park Hotels,
3) Call hotels for free and talk and book directly on the phone with hotels
4) Millions of travel & hotels reviews with photos, maps and phone numbers
5) Find lowest rates for flights and hotels across 100+ travel websites
6) Plan your trip & see over 100,000+ sightseeing destinations travel guides, places to visit and things to do
7) Share travel photos, write reviews and rate hotels and monuments
8) See hotel photos, amenity information, room rates & availability
9) Browse thousands of restaurants, dhabas & street food joints in India
10) See aggregate ratings from 100s of hotel review websites in the world.
11) Packages - get quotes from multiple travel agents
- Searches all leading travel websites, airlines, hotel chains in India and across the world
- Travel portals searched include Expedia, Makemytrip, Cleartrip, Goibibo, Musafir, Booking.com, Hotels.com and Agoda.
- Book conveniently on the website of your choice
- Also search for trains & buses in India
- Hotels coverage across 1-star to 5-star properties, bed and breakfast, hostels, homestays, inns, lodges, cottages, luxury hotels, budget hotels, dharamshalas and resorts. Book Oyo rooms too!
- Call hotels for free
- Flight ticket and Flight status across the world.
- Track flight delays, changes and cancellations
**Please Note** For any problems and feature requests, please use the “feedback” functionality inside the app.
享受新功能 - ixibook。预订机票,并直接在ixigo旅行应用程序的酒店,并大大节省了时间和精力,因为应用程序将你输入后的第一时间旅行者的数据存储!我们已经与Cleartrip为酒店机票和客房OYO合作。所以,简单地ixibook它!
1)比较机票跨领先航空公司网站和旅游门户网站,并找到最便宜的机票 - 盖顶​​航空公司包括捷达航空公司靛蓝,SpiceJet航空公司,围棋空气,Vistara,亚洲航空,印度航空,德国汉莎航空公司,荷兰皇家航空公司,阿联酋航空公司,新加坡航空公司更多!获得惊人的返现呢!
11)封装 - 获取多个旅行社报价
- 搜索所有领先的旅游网站,航空公司,连锁酒店在印度和世界各地的
- 旅游搜索门户网站Expedia的包括,Makemytrip,Cleartrip,Goibibo,Musafir,Booking.com,Hotels.com和Agoda的。
- 方便预订您所选择的网站上
- 还搜索印度火车与公交车
- 酒店覆盖全国1星到5星级的酒店,床和早餐,旅馆,民宿,客栈,旅馆,别墅,豪华酒店,经济型酒店,dharamshalas和度假村。奥约预订房间呢!
- 免费通话酒店
- 机票和世界各地的飞行状态。
- 跟踪航班延误,变更和取消

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Introducing ixibook - one tap flight booking!
Get new cashback offers
Save more battery life
Major bug fixes

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旅游出行 住宿 旅行攻略
Android 4.1.x 以上

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