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The tactile action puzzle game which is simple enough to play with a single finger, yet involving enough to challenge all your gaming skills.
This ad-supported version (with video and interstitial ads) allows you to play through as many levels as you can. Please check out the full version if you'd like an ad-free experience.
Use the power in your a fingertip to drag, flick, cut, mix and sink the coloured Blobs into the correct Pools in progressively more hectic and challenging levels.
Full version features:-
* Intuitive touch control
* Multiple level variations including Classic, Avalanche and Flow
* 3 difficulty settings to suit all players
* 27 Game play Awards to aim for
* Super smooth visuals
* Original audio arrangement to compliment the action
* Exclusive MP3 Music track from acclaimed electronic music producer and DJ Shur-i-kan
* App2sd supported.
"The simpleness of this game makes it really fun but is surprisingly pretty hard. The graphics are awesome and couldn't be changed for the better. sounds are cool and the music is sweet. 4.5 out of 5 stars!" - AppTap
"I enjoyed this puzzler. It is graphically appealing and entertaining. Above all else it is original. This is a quality game that I recommend." - Crazy Mikes Apps
"A wonderful blend", "The touch controls make fusing together the various blobs enjoyable and there's a tangible sense of achievement when your skills rise to the level where you can quickly join and separate your available paint balls to conquer a tricky stage.", "7/10" - Pocket Gamer
"If you're looking for a fun and fast game to test your recollection of mixing primary and secondary colors, Mixt should do the trick. Like most good puzzle games, the premise of the game is simple but gets challenging quick." - Touch Arcade
Please email us with questions or feedback.
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Small Print: VAT added within EU. May require license from Google & collect anonymous stats. If u get error "Unknown reason -18", please email or google for solution. Dev tested devices from HTC, Samsung, Motorola, Sony Ericsson incl Xperia Play, Droid, Galaxy & Desire Z.
完整版特点: -
* 3个难度设置,以满足所有玩家
* 27游戏玩法奖瞄准
* APP2SD支持的。
批评者: -
“这个游戏的简单,使得它真的很好玩,但令人惊讶的是相当困难的。图形是真棒,不能变好。声音是冷静和音乐是甜的。4.5分!” - AppTap
“我很享受这个益智游戏。图形具有吸引力和娱乐。高于一切,这是原始的。这是一种高质量的游戏,我建议。” - 疯狂汗衫应用程序
“à美妙交融”,“触摸控件使融合在一起愉快的各种斑点和存在的有形的成绩感,当你的技能上升的水平,在那里你可以快速加入和分离您提供油漆球征服一个棘手的阶段。” “7/10” - 掌上游戏机
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*扑灭通过一个晚上在城市的生存与战斗与枪电筒作为你唯一的防御(防御)对愤怒的僵尸囤积在XHD后果。攻击或运行?你的选择。 [头]
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*复古的光芒,等待着你的精神 - 与您的触摸雕刻空间
小字:增值税在欧盟。可能需要牌照,谷歌和收集匿名统计。如果你得到错误“原因不明-18”,请电邮或谷歌的解决方案。从HTC,包括三星,摩托罗拉,索尼爱立信Xperia播放,Droid的,银河与Desire Z。的开发测试设备

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