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逃脱实验室 逃脱实验室 逃脱实验室 逃脱实验室 逃脱实验室 逃脱实验室

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Ever seen a granny this awesome? Meet Granniac in this free action game!
Granniac is an undercover heroine, a granny by day but a superhero by night! Join her on Granny’s latest adventure: to save the world from scheming super-villains. Using her super-powers and amazing jump capacity - you will hop from one villain to the next - destroying them as you go. Download this free action game is fast paced and offers many entertaining moments for you to enjoy in your Android device.
This Flying Superhero Action Granny is unlike any hero that you’ve ever seen before and this addictive mobile adventure will take you sky-high in a quest to be the greatest hero that ever lived. Launch yourself and whip through the sky at stunning speeds, use your powers to eliminate enemies and use them as platforms to get to the next. Will you master this phenomenal power in this endless adventure?
Every moment is fun packed for the Granniac, battle your way past fierce enemies like the merciless flying clocks, genetically-engineered flies, tomatoes, stoves and even more evil creatures! She was just an ordinary grandmother, but now she can fly and she has the fate of the world lies in her wrinkly hands - can she save the world in this platform game? Can she beat the big bosses and various monsters?
This endless 2D jumper game will keep you entertained for hours with lovable graphics and wacky characters. Defeat the monsters but beware of the all-mighty boss villains that you will meet along the way. This super-granny is a world first, designed by scientists - but built for the good of humanity! Download this free game and enjoy it completely without charge. Maybe you will be better then Mario when it comes to jumping and launching in this never ending fun. The game is infinite so it means it never ends. You can play for hours without even noticing! Be the greatest and funnies superhero of all time in this action packed 2D platform.
Granniac is an action launcher game that will bring you to the world of one of the most extraordinary superheroes ever. Our Grandmother jumps from one villain to another and destroys them with her unique techniques. This application offers many unique monsters and well-crafted end level bosses that can challenge every type of gamers from casual to hardcore. The gameplay mechanic is easy to learn but hard to master. If you are looking for a high octane energetic premium app that can offer you hours of entertainment, then you should definitely check this one out. Never ending fast paced gameplay is waiting for you, completely free of charge. What are you waiting for: launch in the air and fly away in this cartoon adventure.
Be the superhero you were destined to be – download Granniac now!
- Addictive, fun and crazy endless gameplay!
- Intuitive control scheme; pick up and play instantly.
- Great fun for the whole family!
- Stunning 2D graphics!
- Test your reflexes and skills in infinite thrills.
- Beat other players' scores at online ranking list.
Join us on Facebook: http://facebook.com/Jarbull
Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/Jarbull
Granniac是一个卧底的女主人公,一个老奶奶夜间的一天,但一个超级英雄!加入她老太的最新冒险拯救世界于心计的超级恶棍。使用她的超能力和惊人的跳跃能力 - 你会从一个小人跳跃到下一个 - 摧毁他们,当您去。下载这个免费的动作游戏是快节奏的,并提供了许多有趣的时刻,让您享受在你的Andr​​oid设备。
每一刻都是充满乐趣的Granniac,凶猛的敌人战斗的方式过去像无情的飞行时钟,遗传工程苍蝇,西红柿,炉灶和更邪恶的生物!她只是一个普通的祖母,但现在她可以飞和世界的命运就在于她有她满脸皱纹的手 - 她可以在这个平台游戏拯救世界吗?她能击败大老板和各种怪物?
这无尽的2D的跳线游戏将让你流连忘返小时可爱图形和古怪字符。打败的怪物,但要当心,一路上你会遇到的所有强大的老板恶棍。此超级奶奶是世界第一,由科学家设计 - 但建立良好的人类!下载这个免费的游戏,并享受它完全不收费。也许你会得到更好的马里奥,当它涉及到跳跃和推出这个永无止境的乐趣。本场比赛是无限的,所以这意味着它永远不会结束。你可以玩几个小时,甚至没有注意到!最大和连环画英雄的所有时间在这次行动包装2D平台。
成为超级英雄注定是 - 立即下载Granniac!
- 上瘾,乐趣和疯狂的无尽的游戏!
- 直观的控制计划;立即拿起和发挥。
- 伟大的为整个家庭的乐趣!
- 令人惊叹的2D图形!
- 测试你的反应和技能的无限刺激。
- 击败其他玩家的成绩在网上的排行榜。

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- Minor bug fixes.

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