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Skewed (Rubiks Cube Variant)

Skewed (Rubiks Cube Variant)

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Skewed (Rubiks Cube Variant) 截图

Skewed (Rubiks Cube Variant) Skewed (Rubiks Cube Variant) Skewed (Rubiks Cube Variant) Skewed (Rubiks Cube Variant)

Skewed (Rubiks Cube Variant) 描述

Skewed Cube 2x2 is a 3D twisty puzzle with face turns and corner turns. In face turns, half of the cube can be turned around its face axes, while in corner turns, half of the cube can be turned around its diagonal axes.
Flicking any colored triangle along its edges / hypotenuse will trigger a face / corner turn;
Flicking to left or right in the black area at the upper half of the screen to play back and forth.
This puzzle can also be played as Cube 2x2 when corner turns are disabled or as Skewed Cube when face turns are disabled. No physical cubes of this prototype have ever been made. This puzzle is harder to solve than Rubik’s Cube (魔方)2x2.
Featuring: smooth graphics, easy controls, 3 puzzles in one, tricks library, demo solutions, solutions and tricks can be saved on SD card and can be shared with friends, shortest move challenge.
v1.5: Five Demo Solutions for each puzzle added
v1.6: Puzzle's current state can be saved onto SD card, it can be loaded in later, it can also be shared with other players
v2.0 Tricks library added
v2.3 animation speed control added
v2.33 shortest move challenge added
v2.35 shortest move leaders added
v2.39 long swipe will forward to end or backward to start
v2.43 color scheme changed to classic, skewed cube unlocked

Skewed (Rubiks Cube Variant) 更新内容

Q: how to change settings?
A: Go to Menu.
Q: what is the difference between Cube 2x2 and Skewed Cube?
A: Cube 2x2 is a virtual Rubik's Mini Cube, you can only make face turns, while Skewed Cube is a virtual Skewb, you can only make Corner turns.

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Android 2.1.x 以上

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