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Joe Levi: Hints, Tips, Solutions, and Warnings from a Web Geek
Who is Joe the Web Guy?
Joe Levi, known to his friends as Joe the Web Guy, is a web geek and CSS guru with 17 years' experience in web development; HTML markup; styling with CSS; and enhancing user experiences with dhtml, javascript, and jquery.
He was hired by his current employer to fill the position of Web Application Developer left vacant by their previous Web Developer. Previously Joe worked for an advertising agency as their interactive Technology Director, and developed projects for clients such as 3M HIS, Novell, 3COM, and Sundance Resort. He performed contract work for a local dot com, building their first B2C e-commerce shopping cart solution. He even worked for a local pseudo-celebrity (Dell "SUPERDELL" Schanze) where he wore many hats (including Sharepoint Developer and various technical and management positions).
Joe was a Web of Trust Notary, endorsed by Thawte (a Verisign company), and experienced with x.590 Digital Signature Certificates. Joe believes in the widespread use of PKI Encryption technologies and methodologies as potentially being the "magic bullet" in eliminating online fraud, identity theft, and even casual snooping.
Give Joe a pair of headphones and a can of anything "cold and caffeinated" and he can code for hours on end. He can work efficiently as a solo developer and is also at-home when working as part of a development team.
When asked, Joe tells people that it's not really that he knows all that much, rather that he's just really good at figuring things out.
In the years since Joe began his employment with his current employer he has been instrumental in realizing several projects and keeps existing sites and solutions up-to-date and running smoothly.
Although Joe can work inside the constraints and scope of a project, he has a hard time "thinking inside the box" and can often see the larger picture and offer ideas, thoughts, or "what-if" scenarios that can help "future-proof" a given project to extend the value and business-returns.
One of his websites, JoeTheWebGuy.net, and its accompanying podcast are the ongoing collection of things Joe has learned about development, the web, and technology in general. He now presents to you this web app so you can keep up-to-date will that fountain of information on-the-go!
乔·莱维,称他的朋友乔的网络家伙,是一个网络怪胎和CSS大师,在web开发17年的经验; HTML标记;用CSS样式;并加强与DHTML,JavaScript和jQuery的用户体验。
他由他目前的雇主雇佣来填补Web应用程序开发由他们以前的Web开发人员留下的空缺的位置。此前乔就职于一家广告公司作为其互动技术总监,并制定了客户,如3M HIS,Novell公司,3COM和圣丹斯度假村项目。他执行合同工作,为当地的点com,建立他们的第一个B2C电子商务购物车解决方案。他甚至在一家当地的伪名人(戴尔“SUPERDELL”Schanze),他穿了很多顶帽子(包括SharePoint开发人员和各类技术和管理职务)。

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This build:
- Support for Android 6.0 Marshmallow
- Bug fixes
- Added awesomeness
Previous updates:
- Material Design
- Added Joe's blog, Pocketnow articles, YouTube Channel, Suburban Prepping, The Levi House, and more!

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Android 4.0.2 以上

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