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Vocab Ninja-Halloween Free

Vocab Ninja-Halloween Free

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Vocab Ninja-Halloween Free Vocab Ninja-Halloween Free Vocab Ninja-Halloween Free Vocab Ninja-Halloween Free Vocab Ninja-Halloween Free

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A Halloween Special Edutainment App: Let Vocab Ninja rocks your SAT world!
★★★ Vocab Ninja - Editor's Choice for App of the Day, Best Apps Market ★★★
Pumpkin-smashing action with SAT vocabularies and commonly misspelled words!
★★★ Vocab Ninja - Halloween Special is now for FREE! ★★★
★★★ More Vocabulary is also available in FULL version ★★★
Have ninja action fun while enriching your English vocabularies! Vocab Ninja has glorious graphical effects and educational content not to be found on any other game! It features pumpkin-smashing action! Halloween spooky theme music! And hair-raising graphical themes!
Whether you like action games, word games or Halloween games, this game is for you. Become a Spelling Bee Ninja, and slice up the correctly spelled pumpkins for an easier game. Or challenge the SAT vocabs for a more difficult game! If you’re a high school student, Vocab Ninja can help you master your vocabs and excel in the SAT.
Slash Pumpkins and Learn Your Vocabs! Download now!
[Main Features Include]
★ SAT vocabularies plus spelling game!
★ Pumpkin-smashing action!
★ Halloween spooky theme music!
★ Hair-raising graphical Halloween themes!
★ 5 levels of Ninja Ranking – become the ultimate Shadow Ninja!
★ 10 Special Items
★ Facebook Sharing
★ Coming soon: vocab pack updates for more SAT Vocabs, GRE Vocab, GMAT Vocab, TOEFL Vocab, IETLS Vocab, and Vocab for English learners.
[Game Play]
★ Slash the Pumpkin to give your answer
★ Beware of the Halloween monsters or you will get bombed
★ Collect candies to fill up the energy bar and get a hint scroll
★ Use the hint scroll to highlight the answer
★ Score up to raise your Ninja Ranking
★ And brush up your SAT vocabs at the same time
Become a Facebook fan of Vocab Ninja:
If you have any problems, suggestions, or require technical or billing support, please email us at vocabninja@joyaether.com and we'll be happy to help!

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Android 2.2.x 以上

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